The Cleveland Cavaliers are still struggling and can't seem to right the ship. While they are still in third place in the Eastern Conference and fans know that anything can happen, unless a huge trade comes this week, there is a good chance that LeBron James could miss his first NBA Finals since 2010 after making it to the big game four consecutive times with the Miami Heat and three with the Cleveland Cavaliers. If that happens, the Cavaliers might lose their franchise player, as he was already considering leaving and his relationship with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert has soured once again.

If LeBron leaves, there are six teams rumored for LeBron to head to as a free agent, but he already dismissed the rumors that the Golden State Warriors were an option. Here are the other five options.

San Antonio Spurs

The two top teams on the list for LeBron James as a free agent are the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs. LeBron already dismissed the reports that he was considering the Warriors, saying if it didn't come from his mouth, it is a lie. However, the Spurs are interesting. Greg Popovich is one of the best coaches in NBA history and pairing him with LeBron James could be a game changer and is one pairing that could possibly knock the Golden State Warriors off the perch.

Miami Heat

There is also talk, to a lesser extent, of LeBron James returning to the Miami Heat. Before he took the Cleveland Cavaliers to three straight NBA Finals, he took the Heat to four, winning two of them. However, returning to the Heat is still a longshot. He seemed to love Miami, but the team has a young nucleus that is getting better and one wonders how LeBron could affect that.

Houston Rockets

The most interesting prospect is the Houston Rockets. It looked like Houston was on their way to building their own super team with James Harden and Chris Paul, but they failed to bring in Paul George in the offseason and remain one of the top three teams in the West, but still behind Golden State. The Rockets could move to the top of the mountain if LeBron joined Paul and Harden in Houston.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have been the top team on most people's lists all year. The rumors indicated that Lebron James and Paul George would head to Los Angeles in 2018 to join Lonzo Ball and create a new super team in the West. LeBron said he wants to live in Los Angeles and leading the Lakers back to the NBA Finals could help him cement his name in the NBA record books. Interestingly, the rumors indicate that the Los Angeles Clippers are no longer an option.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The final rumored location for LeBron James to end up is back with the Cleveland Cavaliers. There are bad feelings after the trading of Kyrie Irving and James does not seem happy. However, Cleveland is his home and returning to the Cavaliers next year is not out of the picture until LeBron officially leaves town.