The Cleveland Cavaliers have been in the NBA rumors for the last month concerning the NBA trade deadline, with many options available. There has been some talk about trying to bring in names like DeAndre Jordan or George Hill, and the Cavs seemed willing to trade away names like Tristan Thompson, Channing Frye and Iman Shumpert. However, Amico Hoops reports that the Cavaliers might be willing to trade one of their key stars and their most valuable asset if it means positioning themselves for a run at the NBA Finals this year.

Who are the Cavaliers willing to trade?

According to the report, the Cleveland Cavaliers are willing to possibly trade their star shooting guard J.R. Smith if they can get something good in return. This would be a huge move since that would force the Cavs to move Dwyane Wade back into the starting lineup. Wade struggled early in the NBA season when he was starting and has excelled since moving to lead the second-team.

However, the Cavaliers know that they need to get better in the frontcourt and bringing in someone who is a great defensive player in the paint would help them more than keeping Wade on the second team. If the Cavs improve their defense, that will help offset the possible struggles of Wade as a starting shooting guard.

J.R. Smith is averaging 7.8 points and it shooting 38-percent, which is very lackluster numbers for the shooting guard, but the Cleveland Cavaliers seem hopeful that teams will consider his past and realize he might need a change of pace to revert to his former production. The Cavaliers have reached out to some teams about a trade but the $13.7 million he is owed this season and the $14.7 million he is owed next season might be a tough sell.

What about that Nets draft pick?

Most experts have agreed that the Cleveland Cavaliers are not willing to let go of that high Brooklyn Nets Draft Pick for 2018. reports that is not a true statement. According to the site, the Cavaliers just don't see value in trading a pick that could give them a future All-Star in the 2018 NBA Draft for a player that will only help them win this year.

The problem with trading the Nets draft pick for someone like DeAndre Jordan is that Jordan will be a free agent this summer, so the Cleveland Cavaliers will lose their draft pick and have nothing to show for it outside of a possible second NBA title since LeBron James returned. However, the Cavaliers will trade the pick if they can get a top young star that they can control and build the team around.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are willing to trade their own first-round draft pick for a short-term fix but they want to hold onto the Nets pick unless they can get a young star they can control for a few years.