The NBA trade deadline is coming soon and the Cleveland Cavaliers are preparing to make some major moves. While there have been a lot of rumors circulating around trading for players like DeAndre Jordan, Derrick Favors, Kemba Walker and George Hill, a new trade rumor has popped up and this one could be a huge one for the Cavaliers. Basketball The Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers are in trade talks and the names involved are huge ones that could convince Los Angeles to give up the Nets draft pick and a big name star.

Who are the Lakers willing to trade?

There are three possible names involved in the Los Angeles Lakers trade rumors with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Those names are Jordan Clarkson, Julius Randle and/or Larry Nance Jr. The rumors indicate that the trades will be in exchange for "a player," but giving up three young stars would likely take more than just a trade for one player.

Jordan Clarkson is currently the Los Angeles Lakers third-leading scorer this season with a 14.6 point-per-game average. Julius Randle is right behind him with 13.9 points-per-game and Larry Nance Jr. averages 8.8 points-per-game. Add to that the fact that Randle and Nance rank first and third in rebounds per game, and they could instantly help the Cleveland Cavaliers on defense.

Out of those three players, Julias Randle is the only one who is a starter for the Los Angeles Lakers, with Clarkson backing up Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Nance a depth position forward. Bringing these players in, or even just bringing in two of them, could help the Cleveland Cavaliers cover the missing depth with Kevin Love injured.

Who would Cleveland Cavaliers trade?

The question is who would the Cleveland Cavaliers send to the Los Angeles Lakers to make this trade happen? Clarkson is not a free agent until 2020, Randle is a restricted free agent this summer, and Nance is locked up until 2019, where he becomes a restricted free agent. That is one of the stipulations that the Cleveland Cavaliers made when it comes to the Brooklyn Nets draft pick.

If the Cleveland Cavaliers really wanted to secure their 2018 NBA season, while giving them a chance to win now, they could trade J.R. Smith and the draft pick to the Lakers and bring in three young players to help them cover for their upcoming losses this offseason. They could then swing a trade with a team like the Utah Jazz with players like Channing Frye and Iman Shumpert to bring in George Hill to cover for the loss of Smith.

Something big is going to happen over the next week for the Cleveland Cavaliers and now the Los Angeles Lakers trade rumors can join the growing list.