With the Winter Olympics moving forward, First Daughter Ivanka Trump decided to give her thoughts. After posting a tweet about the games, critics of the administration wasted no time firing back.

Ivanka on Olympics

The XXIII Olympic Winter Games started off with a political tone as openly gay American figure skater Adam Rippon spoke out against Mike Pence due to the vice president's well-documented history of being opposed to LGBT rights.

The rift between the two men continued, leading to Pence taking to Twitter in an attempt to reconcile. Rippon's feud with Pence has since become a major political topic, with Democrats and Republicans sounding off and taking sides. While the president has been surprisingly silent, Ivanka Trump has made various comments in support of the American team, though her remarks haven't always gone over well with critics.

In a tweet sent out on February 20, Ivanka Trump once again spoke highly about the athletes at the Winter Olympics, though she received a negative response. "Team USA inspires us all – each athlete has a story; each story represents a dream – a dream of one day going to the Olympics," one tweet read.

"Through their talent, dedication, and incredible drive, they are making their dreams come true and they remind us all of what we can achieve together," she concluded.

Quick shots

After Ivanka Trump sent out her Winter Olympic tweet, the backlash was quick to pour in. "Do you think you’ll divorce Jared when he goes to jail?" one tweet wondered.

"What do you know about talent and dedication ms silver spoon!!!!???" yet another stated.

"Americans are dreaming of having access to decent health care. Talk to your dad," a social media user wrote. "There are 17 stories in South Florida that you should be focused on, as a mom and as a human," an additional tweet noted.

"No, they’re showing YOU that the value of hard work and perseverance are worth more than any $$ you or any of your family could pile up.

And that they’re better ppl than you are," a Twitter user wrote. "They are an inspiration and example. They have drive, teamwork, appreciation of our country, and often integrity. All things your father is grossly lacking in, and is an example of what not to do and what not to be," another tweet noted. While social media goes viral, the Olympics is entering its final week as the event remains political, with liberals and conservatives both taking sides.