As the Winter Olympics pick up steam, one American star made history. After Ivanka Trump tweeted out her thoughts, she quickly faced backlash.

Ivanka on Olympics

Even before the 2018 Winter Olympics kicked off there was political drama hanging over the head of the event. The first sign of headlines came when openly gay American figure skater Adam Rippon spoke out against Mike Pence due to the vice president's controversial history on LGBT issues.

Pence attempted to reach out to Rippon, but the damage appeared to have already been done. Fast forward to this weekend and fellow American skater Nathan Chen became the first person in history to land six quad jumps in one Olympic program.

In response to Nathan Chen's accomplishment, First Daughter Ivanka Trump decided to show her appreciation on social media. "A shining example to children (& adults) of what can be achieved when you believe in yourself & NEVER give up on the pursuit of your dreams," Ivanka tweeted out. While Ivanka's tweet appeared harmless, critics of her father wasted no time firing back in opposition.

Instant backlash

Within minutes of Ivanka Trump's post about Nathan Chen, those who oppose Donald Trump took time to sound off. "NEVER give up. One day, maybe your father will collude with the Russians, become President, and allow you and your spouse to obtain incredibly sensitive government secrets even though you can’t properly obtain a security clearance," one tweet read.

"Emma Gonzalez is a shining example of children maybe you heard of her?

She could educate you on a thing or two," Brandon Neely tweeted in reference to one of the students who survived the recent Florida school shooting who has since called for increased gun control. "Did you see all the kids in Florida rallying for gun control?! They are Heroes," another tweet added. "If you want to see a true example of what a young person can achieve you should watch Emma Gonzalez’s speech," a Twitter user noted.

"Nope the shining examples are the students of Douglas who say Never Again," yet another tweet went on to read.

"A shining example of what 'children' can do. I honestly thought maybe this was about the students in Florida. I should have known better," a social media user went on to read. The backlash continued as the opposition to the first daughter and the entire administration showed no signs of coming to an end at any point in the near future.