LeBron James and Kevin Durant took part in a special interview last week and did a lot of talking about their place in the real world once they leave the basketball court. LeBron made some shocking comments saying that he was no different than other African Americans where many people in the United States are concerned. Pointing out how someone spray painted racial slurs on his home gate before his Cleveland Cavaliers were set to play the Golden State Warriors proved this point. LeBron and Durant also talked about the growing racial divide caused by President Donald Trump.

That brought out a Fox News analyst, who ripped LeBron and told him to "shut up and dribble."

The reporter insults LeBron but makes some factual errors

The Fox News reporter was Laura Ingraham and she made some comments that were completely off-the-mark. Ingraham basically said that a person like LeBron James has no right talking about world issues. She mentioned that he dropped out of high school a year early to play in the NBA, making it sound like James is not intelligent enough to make these comments.

This is not new to Ingraham, who also coined the term "shut up and sing" when telling bands like the Dixie Chicks that they had no right as Americans to speak their opinions when it comes to world issues.

Because of this, she claimed that her comments had no racial overtones when it comes to telling LeBron James that he has no right to talk about world issues.

However, LeBron James didn't take Ingraham telling him to shut up lightly, saying that he is "more than an athlete."

LeBron James responds to Ingraham's comments

In his statement, LeBron James said it was funny to him when he first listened to what Laura Ingraham had to say.

The first thing that he pointed out was that he graduated from high school, so it is obvious that this particular Fox News mouthpiece does not conduct any research into issues before making her inflammatory statements on the air.

However, after this, LeBron hit the nail on the head. According to James, there are a lot of kids out there who look up to him and it is his job as a role model to young African Americans to let them know that they are not second-class citizens.

One of his biggest points in the original interview was that his success as a basketball star has done nothing to earn respect from many white Americans, and the comments by Laura Ingraham proves he was right on point.

Laura Ingraham insulted LeBron James for what she called "ungrammatical" and "unintelligible" language. It almost seems perfect that LeBron called her out for her lack of research skills and knowledge, especially considering her occupation.