The Cleveland Cavaliers sorely need help, as they have gone 6-13 since Christmas Day, losing to mediocre teams and getting blown out by contenders. The Cavs hit a new low Tuesday night (Feb. 6) when they blew a 21-point lead to the Orlando Magic and lost by 18 points. With recent struggles, tensions have been rising between LeBron James and the front office. It appears that the relationship James shares with the Cavaliers is deteriorating, and it could perhaps get worse if Cleveland isn’t able to improve the roster at the trade deadline.

LeBron’s future in Cleveland seems dim

According to Cavaliers insider Brian Windhorst of ESPN, “if the Cavs do nothing by [the trade deadline], it is essentially buying LeBron a plane ticket out of town.” Windhorst’s assessment seems pretty accurate. With the way things have gone over the last month, all signs are pointing to James leaving Cleveland again. The Cavaliers are pursuing various players as Thursday’s deadline (Feb. 8) approaches. They have shown interest in DeAndre Jordan, George Hill, Derrick Favors, Lou Williams, and a few others. Unfortunately, Cleveland will probably not get any major talent if its unwillingness to give up Brooklyn’s first-round pick continues.

There are rumors, however, that the Cavaliers are discussing a blockbuster trade with the Hornets to acquire Kemba Walker and Nicolas Batum with Brooklyn’s 2018 first-round pick, but there is no guarantee.

Which team would make the most sense for LeBron?

Staying in Cleveland seems like the easiest choice for James because he has built a legacy there, and it’s his hometown. He needs to make sure his relationship with the organization is good, and he should be loyal to them by signing a long-term deal and attempting to lure star players to his team.

Unfortunately, that’s only a dream for Cavs fans and will probably not happen. In all reality, James will probably consider joining Chris Paul and James Harden in Houston. Harden and Paul have already shown the willingness to be able to co-exist, and they have become a championship caliber team. The Rockets have defeated the Golden State Warriors multiple times this season, so they are a very attractive market.

If James joins Houston, he would instantly help them reach the Western Conference Finals and could even help them advance to the NBA Finals to win a championship. Therefore, LeBron James has many options out there. He doesn’t need to sit around and wait to see if the Cavaliers will find more talent. He can just leave again and construct another insane super team elsewhere.