With Thursday’s trade deadline quickly approaching, the ailing Cleveland Cavaliers are actively working the phones to significantly improve their roster before heading into the playoffs. Cleveland has dropped 13 of their last 19 games, and they are in serious need of help.

The Cavaliers have tried acquiring DeAndre Jordan, but their offer to the Los Angeles Clippers wasn’t good enough. George Hill has also been another target, where the Cavs have held preliminary talks with the Sacramento Kings but haven’t found a suitable deal.

Cleveland is discussing a mega-trade with Charlotte

With all the other trade targets failing, the Cavaliers have shifted their focus to the Charlotte Hornets, who have been shopping star point guard Kemba Walker. However, it’s not only Walker who the Hornets want to get rid of. They have been attempting to insert Nicolas Batum in the deals to get rid of his contract.

According to Zach Lowe of ESPN, the Cavaliers have held preliminary talks about a potential deal centered on Isaiah Thomas, Kemba Walker, and Brooklyn’s 2018 first-round pick. However, if Batum is going to be in the deal, the Cavaliers may also have to give up J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson to make the deal work financially. The Cavs would give up Thomas, Smith, Thompson, and Brooklyn's pick for Walker and Batum.

It’s a huge deal that will take a lot of careful constructing from both ends, and there is no guarantee that it would actually happen.

Isaiah Thomas hasn’t fit in with Cleveland

The problem is that Isaiah Thomas hasn’t fit in with the Cavaliers, as their struggles mainly began upon Thomas’ return. Thomas has even publicly questioned LeBron James' leadership, saying that he dominates the ball too much and stalls the offense until he has a pass for an assist.

Thomas has been awful in a Cavs uniform, averaging 14.9 points on 35.5 percent shooting. The 28-year-old would probably excel more in Charlotte because it would be his team, just like it was in Boston.

Whatever happens in the next 24 hours, the Cavaliers must make some moves, whether it’s minor or major. They need to shake up the roster to add more defensive pieces that would help improve their atrocious defense.

If nothing happens and Cleveland remains with the same roster, James will seriously consider leaving the team in the summer, as he is already having issues with the front office.

For now, the two sides are discussing a deal, and the talks aren’t serious enough yet to believe that something would happen. That could change drastically if Charlotte is truly considering parting ways with Kemba Walker.