The MLB trade rumors have been like a car getting stuck in the mud on a rainy day. They are going nowhere fast. That being said, could the lack of signings be a good thing for a team like the Detroit Tigers? When Mike Ilitch was in charge, Detroit was always known to make a run at several free agents or cut a deal or two during the offseason.

While the odds of signing a player like JD Martinez are slim to none due to Martinez looking for a $150 million dollar deal, could Detroit still be eyeing two players who are much better than average and wouldn’t break the bank?

Even though the Tigers have downsized tremendously over the past five months, they have options in terms of adding top tier talent without shelling out the big bucks.

Christian Yelich a perfect fit

Christian Yelich wants out of Miami, and the Tigers should be tripping over themselves to try and cut a deal. The upside to Yelich is there. He is young (25), he is a left-handed hitter, something the Tigers need, and he is a career .290 hitter through his first five seasons in the major leagues. This kid is going to be a star in the league - heck he already is one. After the Tigers fire sale of 2017, do they even have a starting outfielder anymore? Yelich would be a great start in rebuilding it.

Another plus?

He is under contract until 2023 and is only scheduled to make $7 million in 2018 and $9 million in 2019. That is a steal for a guy with his talent. The Marlins, like the Tigers, are in rebuild mode so offering players like Dixon Machado, Jacoby Jones or Jose Iglesias in return could be a possibility.

Cobb, Hosmer in the Old English D?

While Christian Yelich would have to be obtained by trade, Alex Cobb and Eric Hosmer would not. Both are free agents and surprisingly both are still available.

First up is Alex Cobb. Cobb is one of the best pitchers on the market and, unlike Max Scherzer or Justin Verlander, it wouldn’t cost the Tigers $200+ million to get him.

According to, Cobb has said that he has spoken with over 15 teams, including the Cubs, Brewers, Nationals, and Twins - and he said during a recent interview that he hasn’t eliminated any team in the league as a possible landing spot. "Everywhere is an option for me at this point," Cobb said Friday.

So why not Detroit?

Rumor has it that the Cubs could be the front-runners because of Cobb’s relationship with former Rays skipper Joe Maddon. Allegedly Cobb turned down a three-year, $42 million deal with the Cubs. If those are the type of numbers Cobb is looking for, then why not Detroit?

After shedding big contracts last season, the Tigers could easily afford that type of deal. Cobb has a career record of 48-35 with an ERA of 3.50.

Last, but far from least, is Eric Hosmer. Hosmer has yet to catch on with a team this offseason, although he has been linked to several teams including the Padres, Yankees and Red Sox.

With Miguel Cabrera turning 35 this April, Hosmer would be a great pick up for the Tigers. With Victor Martinez in the twilight of his career, it has to be only a matter of time before Cabrera takes over the DH role. Hosmer could play the majority of games at first base while Cabrera moves to the designated hitter slot and it would instantly give the Tigers a pretty nice 3-4-5 in the batting order with Hosmer, Cabrera, Castellanos.

Hosmer may be the most unrealistic of the three mentioned players, however, the Detroit Tigers have the money to spend, the question is will they?