detroit tigers trade rumors have been on an endless loop since last June. Heading into spring training even the most die-hard Tigers fan is going to need a program to decipher the players from one another! After dealing away big-name stars like Verlander, Kinsler, Avila, Upton, Wilson, and JD Martinez, are the Tigers about to really empty the cupboard soon?

Fulmer, Castellanos next to go?

While the Tigers are determined to start fresh with a huge youth movement, are they on the verge of dealing off two of their own youngsters? If rumors are true, then yes.

First up is Michael Fulmer. Fulmer has been linked to many Tigers trade rumors, with the strongest being with the New York Yankees.

On several occasions a Fulmer to New York scenario has arisen this offseason, however, so far nothing has materialized. The odd thing about Fulmer’s name continuously coming up in trade talks is this -- isn’t he exactly what the Tigers are looking for? He is 24, makes only $500k per season, and he is under contract for the next two seasons. Maybe Detroit feels his stock will never be this high, but if so, that means they must believe he has hit his plateau. This one seems odd.

Next is Nick Castellanos. the Yankees are searching for a third baseman, and according to SB Nation’s Bless You Boys, the third baseman-turned-right fielder has already been mentioned in trade talks this offseason.

Once again, this one seems odd because the Tigers were banking on Castellanos to be part of the future, weren’t they?

The 25-year old posted personal career-highs in home runs with 26, RBI with 101, and he led the American League with 10 triples. Hopefully, if the Tigers move these two they will get a bundle back in prospects.

After all, isn’t trading away a 24 and 25-year-old that are starting to show potential hurting the beginnings of a youth movement already?

Jose Iglesias to Padres?

Is Jose Iglesias joining the growing list of Tigers to be shipped elsewhere? According to a Fansided report, the 28-year-old smooth sailing wizard in the field is very much up for bidding.

Iglesias joined the Tigers in midseason 2013 when he came over via trade from the Boston Red Sox and he has been the starting shortstop in Motown ever since. Unfortunately, if you are a fan of Iglesias, GM Alex Avila didn't make it sound too promising regarding his chances of being in Detroit very long.

“He’s one of those guys that, quite frankly, probably will not be with us in the long run. We have to make sure that we develop a good shortstop in our system for our future."

Again, another youngster that is already here, and is a pretty darn good player, yet it sounds like he is already out the door. Early rumors indicate that the San Diego Padres have interest in hearing what the Tigers want for Iglesias. It is going to be an interesting season in Detroit for Tigers fans, that's for sure!