The NHL is always full of surprises. This year that surprise comes in an expansion team that plays in Sin City. The Golden Knights have surprised everyone with their incredible start. They have taken their group of misfits and jumped to the top of the league. When people thought they would fall, they continued to stay hot and do so now. But, in this league full of surprises, one thing has remained constant, the Metropolitan Division.

The past is full of hardware

The Metropolitan division has shown that they are one of the most competitive divisions in hockey, if not the most competitive division in hockey.

The Washington Capitals have taken home the past two President's Trophies for the best record in the league. In the past eight seasons, the Metropolitan has taken home four President's Trophies.

Things get more interesting though because, over the last nine seasons, the metro has brought home four Stanley Cups. The Pittsburgh Penguins are responsible for three of those Stanley Cups, but they have not taken home the President's Trophy. In the playoffs the past several seasons, the Eastern Conference has been decided in a matchup between two Metropolitan teams.


The Metropolitan is home to two of the biggest names in NHL history, Alexander Ovechkin, and Sidney Crosby. These two have dominated the league since they both entered in 2005.

Alex Ovechkin is currently tied for first in goals with twenty-seven and Sidney Crosby is in the top twenty in the league with forty-three points according to Quant Sports. Both continue to keep the Metropolitan running strong.

The Washington Capitals currently sit in first place with fifty-seven points while the New York Islanders and Philadelphia Flyers are in last with forty-six points.

This eleven point differential is the smallest of any first and last place teams in the league. This shows the competitive nature of the division

The Capitals lead the division with fifty-seven, while they are followed by the Blue Jackets with fifty-three, the Devils with fifty-two, the Rangers with forty-nine, the Hurricanes with forty-eight, the Penguins with forty-seven, and then the Flyers and Islanders with forty-six.

Based on past trends and how each team is playing, this is the prediction for the most competitive division in hockey: Capitals, Blue Jackets, Penguins, Hurricanes, Rangers, Flyers, and the Islanders. Although this division is unpredictable, it will sure be fun to watch it play out.