Are you struggling to get yourself motivated this year? New Year's resolutions were made, and now they have been broken, what do you do? Give up or try a new approach? In this article, you will find ten simple steps to getting out and doing more. We sometimes set such lofty goals that it seems impossible to even to begin. Here are ten ways to get closer to a better you this 2018.


Tip #1: Stop eating out so much. Eat at home. If you take the time to Eat At Home, you will save time and be able to control your portions. Meals like grilled chicken salad or salmon and Brussel sprouts can be bought easily at any grocery store.

An entire bag of grilled chicken will cost you as much as one meal eating out! So skip eating out and start eating in.

Tip #2: If you are good at not eating out too much then change your grocery list. If you don't have it in the house, you cannot eat it. If you know that you'll eat an entire gallon of ice cream, then only buy a pint. Buy less junk and buy things like celery sticks, veggie straws, or yogurt for a snack craving. It is okay to have some junk food but make sure it is minimal.

Tip #3: Stop eating giant dinners while skipping breakfast or lunch. Make sure to eat a large breakfast which will get your metabolism going from the start. I've always lived by the saying,"Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper."


Tip #4: Start somewhere.

Stop setting crazy goals and set a goal for this week. Instead of saying, "I will run a 5-minute mile this year!" say, "This week I will finish a mile in under 8 minutes." This change of mindset will make achieving your ultimate goal much easier and less daunting.

Tip #5: You don't need a Gym. Go for a run or walk. Take your dog out.

Do pushups in your living room. Do something. But you don't need a gym to get fit. There are hundreds of at home workouts you can do. I have purchased training bands and a pull-up bar for my house for all under 100 dollars. I am able to do quality workouts without the hassle of the gym.

Tip #6: If you do decide to go the gym route do research.

If you plan on weight lifting, then look for a gym that provides free weights and squat racks. If you are simply trying to start doing cardio workouts, then gyms like Planet Fitness are great options.

Tip #7: Rest! Do not workout hard every single day. Your body needs time to recover. Make sure you are taking 1-3 days off to let your body heal. Make sure you are also getting enough sleep.


Tip #8: Find a workout buddy. Have someone who can keep you accountable and keep you motivated. Find a friend who you can depend on to push you to be a better you. Make sure you do the same for them.

Tip #9: Reward yourself. When you go to the gym and achieve your goals for the week, find a small reward for yourself.

Maybe you won't watch your favorite show if you don't achieve your goal. It does not have to be a food-based reward.

Tip #10: Have fun. Working out and getting motivated can be relaxing and fun. Make sure to find an aspect of it that works for you. If you hate running, then try lifting. If you hate that, then try biking. Find something you will enjoy doing.