After the Bills made the playoffs, there was a rush among fans to arrange travel plans and buy tickets. The euphoria immediately following the Bengals win over the Ravens was felt by both the team and its fans, and that euphoria is going straight to Jacksonville, where Tyrod Taylor and the Bills may have a homefield advantage. Part of that homefield advantage is coming from the owners, as Kim Pegula was giving out tickets on Twitter earlier in the day.

Kim Pegula handing out tickets

The wife of Bills owner Terry Pegula had a few extra tickets left over for Buffalo fans, and couldn't resist just giving them away on Twitter.

And anyone who actually received a message from Kim did get those extra tickets. Finally, she was left with one extra ticket, which was given to a fan who had a flight to Jacksonville but no ticket!

Now that's some serious dedication! You better believe that Bills Mafia is going to show up in big numbers for this playoff game.

And you have to love owners like this. Instead of being like the Cowboys, who would never give a ticket away without charging a premium price, the owners are willing to give away tickets to passionate Bills fans who are willing to travel all the way to Jacksonville and support their team.

Buffalo invasion

Per several reports, Bills fans have absolutely taken over in Jacksonville. Don't be surprised to see more Buffalo than Jacksonville fans in the stands on Sunday afternoon. People are so crazy that they are literally bringing tables (which were limited by Jacksonville) with them onto planes.

And these fans are already there!

And they're getting ready for the big game tomorrow already.

I'm not sure anybody really understands just how many Bills fans are going to show up to this game in Jacksonville.

It's hard to believe Buffalo could be 8.5 point road underdogs when the fans will likely be on their side.

But go ahead and doubt Buffalo. Bills Mafia is going to bring the passion, and if the Bills deliver, things are really going to get wild in Florida.

Game Preview

To win, Buffalo will need a big performance from their rushing attack, as that is where Jacksonville is most vulnerable. In addition, the Bills opportunistic defense will need to force a few turnovers, which should be possible against a mistake prone Blake Bortles.

Tyrod Taylor will also need to make a few throws downfield and make enough plays to give Buffalo a shot to win. We will see how things end up tomorrow, but one thing is for sure: Bills Mafia is showing up tomorrow.