The Cleveland Cavaliers have been working on trying to improve their team and have never hinted that they are finished making changes to try to win their second NBA title in the last three seasons. The Cavaliers have added Dwane Wade and Derrick Rose, two former MVP players, and traded Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas. Now, it looks like Cleveland wants to make their frontcourt stronger and are talking to the Los Angeles Clippers about a trade that would bring DeAndre Jordan to Cleveland. While the Clippers were not interested earlier in the season, it sounds like they might be changing their minds.

What Does Clippers Want In Return For DeAndre?

The Cleveland Cavalier are offering some solid players in return for DeAndre Jordan. Previous reports indicate that Cleveland is offering Tristan Thompson, Channing Frye and maybe Iman Shumpert in the trade. However, Los Angeles wants something else in the trade. They want one of the Cavaliers' 20198 NBA Draft picks.

The pick that the Clippers want in the trade is the one that Cleveland owns that is the former Brooklyn Nets pick.This will help the Clippers build around Blake Griffin for next season while losing arguably their top defensive player. However, the problem is that the Cavaliers have that draft pick in their back pocket case LeBron James leaves town next season.

WIthout it, Cleveland would lose LeBron and not have a high draft pick to replace their star.

Should Cavaliers Make This Trade?

The Cavaliers now have to decide if this trade is worth pulling off. Not having the high draft pick in 2018 could come back to haunt the franchise, especially if LeBron walks away at the end of this season.

However, what the team has to weigh is if this trade will help them bring another championship to Cleveland and what price that is worth.

DeAndre Jordan is similar to Tristan Thompson in that neither player is an offensive threat. However, while Thompson has watched his skillset diminish this season, Jordan is having a career year.

He is averaging a career-high 15.1-rebounds a game and should help a Cavaliers' team whose weakness is defense

The Cleveland Cavaliers currently rank 28th in the NBA in defensive efficiency. They allow 107.2-points-per-game and teams are shooting .468 against them from the field. DeAndre Jordan would help with that. However, DeAndre can opt out of his contract next season and the Cavaliers have to decide if losing the draft pick is worth it.