Fantasy Football was different in 2018. There were several players who had massive years and carried their teams to fantasy championships (Todd Gurley, Kareem Hunt, Antonio Brown), and other top drafted players who either got injured (Odell Beckham Jr., David Johnson), or did not live up to expectations (Jordy Nelson, Marshawn Lynch, Dez Bryant). How will these players fare in 2018? Let's take a look at the top ten projected players for fantasy football in 2018.

1. Todd Gurley

Two years ago, Gurley was taken in the top 3 of fantasy drafts, but failed to deliver impressive results with rookie quarterback Jared Goff.

He fell to the second round of most drafts in 2017, and was an absolute steal for that price. Gurley averaged a whopping 20.1 fantasy points, and had 3 big performances in a row at the end of the year. His involvement in the Rams offense makes next year's #1 pick an easy choice.

2. Le'Veon Bell

The Steelers running back is extremely productive when he's on the field, and things were no different in 2017. Bell averaged the second most points among running backs, with 16 Points Per Game. Similar to Gurley, Bell is highly involved in the offense and is a safe pick in the Top 10.

3. Kareem Hunt

The Chiefs rookie went on an absolute tear at the start of the year, averaging 28 fantasy points in his first three games.

He scored double digit point totals for eight straight weeks, then cooled off at the end of the year. The Chiefs started losing when Hunt, who is a key piece in Kansas City's offense, stopped getting the ball. Andy Reid's team will continue to run the ball in 2018 and Hunt will again be a top fantasy running back.

4. Antonio Brown

The Steelers receiver was once again a model of consistency in 2017, averaging more than 13 points per game. Brown is always an excellent fantasy option and will again be a top player in 2018. He's by far the safest and best wide receiver to take, and should be the first one off the board in all fantasy leagues.

5. Ezekiel Elliot

The Cowboys running back missed too many games to have a real fantasy impact in 2017, but he will once again be the lead back for the Cowboys in 2018. That means he should be drafted within the first five picks, as Elliot was a top 3 player when he played all the games.

6. DeAndre Hopkins

The Texans wide receiver actually leads all fantasy wide receivers in points, and could improve on his 13.8 fantasy points per game average with DeShaun Watson at quarterback. Hopkins could easily lead some fantasy teams to championships if he and Watson are both able to stay healthy.

7. Melvin Gordon

Notice a theme with this list? The top running backs are involved in both the passing and rushing game.

Gordon is no different, as he caught plenty of passes and scored enough to average 13.5 fantasy points per game. He scored double digit fantasy point totals in 10 of 16 games, and is consistent enough to be a top 10 fantasy player once again.

8. LeSean McCoy

The Buffalo Bills running back has had an excellent year, rushing for close to 1200 yards, and scoring 6 touchdowns. Like the other running backs on this list, McCoy is involved in the passing game, and that increases his fantasy value. If the Bills draft the right quarterback, McCoy could easily have his best year ever in 2018.

9. Alvin Kamara

The Saints rookie running back has been a revelation in New Orleans, as he scored double digit fantasy point totals in 8 of his last 10 games.

Kamara's floor is capped because of his massive involvement in the passing game, and his ability to break off a big play at any time gives Kamara a very high ceiling. Expect another great year for Kamara in 2018.

10. Carlos Hyde

This seems like a bit of a reach, but with more consideration, does it really seem that crazy? Garoppolo has looked unbelievably good for the 49ers, and Hyde will be a beneficiary of that good play. He already gets close to 20 carries a game, and with teams focusing on the passing game, the talented Hyde should be able to take advantage. Expect a career year for Hyde in 2018.