The Golden State Warriors are looking at making a number of trades before the 2018 NBA trade deadline. While one of the trades has already been hinted at, there are at least two more than could really help the Cleveland Cavaliers match up to the level of the Golden State Warriors. Already, George Hill has come up in conversation as a trade that is almost complete. Another possible trade centers on Los Angeles Clippers superstar DeAndre Jordan. The question remains, what will the Cavaliers trade away to make this happen. A recent tweet by Kevin Love has huge implications concerning that question.

What did Kevin Love say?

Kevin Love hit Twitter and made an interesting comment about his old friend Klay Thompson. According to Love, their families have been friends for a long time and it would be special to end up on the same All-Star team as Thompson. He also said that it is a possibility. That is huge news when it comes to the upcoming Cavaliers rumors.

George Hill plays for the Sacramento Kings. DeAndre Jordan plays for the Los Angeles Clippers. If the Cleveland Cavaliers include Kevin Love in either of those trade scenarios, that could mean that Love would end up in the Western Conference, which could put him in position to play with the Golden State Warriors' Klay Thompson on the West's All-Star team.

Kevin Love is at odds with some teammates in the Cleveland Cavaliers organization, particularly with his newest teammate Isaiah Thomas, who came out and accused Love of faking an illness to leave the blowout loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder early. That resulted in an explosive team meeting and now Love is seeing Cavs trade rumors with his name once again.

Why does this mean for Cavs?

Kevin Love and Klay Thompson are both reserves on this year's NBA All-Star game rosters. Love is a reserve for the Eastern Conference and Thompson is a reserve for the Western Conference. The only way they could play together is if one of them is traded to the other conference and kept their All-Star reserve position.

There is the possibility that Kevin Love is just saying that he hopes that one day he can play on the same All-Star roster as Klay Thompson. That would mean that one of them would change teams, the most likely person being Love if the Cleveland Cavaliers blow up their team in 2018.

The second possibility is that Kevin Love is oblivious to the fact that his words could be misconstrued as him wanting to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers. The third option is that Love is ready to leave Cleveland and is trolling his organization and those teammates that sided with Thomas over him. Of course, a fourth option is that a trade is in the works and Love is involved. Only time will tell.