A report from yesterday indicated that there was a lot of problems coming from inside the locker room of the Cleveland Cavaliers. When a team starts to struggle, there is a lot of blame to pass around and some teammates are prone to point fingers at each other. The report from the Cavaliers locker room indicated that a few Cavs teammates questioned Kevin Love based on a recent illness that caused him to miss some time. The All-Star power forward/center hybrid stepped up and answered some questions by the Associated Press when it came to the alleged confrontation in the team meeting between Love and his teammates.

The original Kevin Love accusations

According to the reports from last night, ESPN claimed that a number of players have questioned Kevin Love's recent illness and the legitimacy of the severity of that illness. The report indicated that several Cleveland Cavaliers players questioned Love about the situation that caused him to leave the loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder early and then miss part of practice on Sunday.

The good news for Cavaliers fans is that ESPN also reported that Kevin Love explained himself to his teammates and it looked like they worked out some of their issues. However, when a team like the Cavs give up 148 points to the Thunder and lose by 24 points, there is a lot of blame to pass around.

Love has only averaged 10.5 points a game in the last seven and leaving the game when the Cavaliers needed his help was not something his teammates appreciated.

Kevin Love explains the meeting to reporters

Kevin Love refused to let reporters bait him into a fight with his teammates. As mentioned, the meeting reportedly went well and they worked things out.

If Love talks about it now, it would reopen some wounds and have some players and fans wondering if the team is thinking of winning or just thinking of themselves. Love said as much in his comments about the meeting.

"I'm going to keep my mouth shut, do right by the organization, by the fans and try to help this team win," Kevin Love said when asked about the meeting.

This is hugely important. While Love has struggled lately and the Cavaliers are falling deep into a rut, losing nine of their last 12 games thanks to a defense giving up 114.8 points per game, the last thing any Cavs player needs to do is point fingers at each other.

Kevin Love admitted that he does feel like a target when it comes to what is wrong with the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, he said that all members of the team are a target and they just need to figure things out. He called the Cavs a team that can play at the highest levels and will figure things out.