Cleveland Cavaliers fans have a lot to worry about this season. Before the year even started, there was the controversy with Kyrie Irving wanting out of town and Cleveland ended up trading him to their top Eastern Conference rivals. Then, there was the "will he or won't he" question concerning LeBron James and his future with the Cavaliers following this season. Now, the Cavs are losing more games than they are winning, and that is never a good feeling. However, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith has dropped a bombshell that makes it look like things may crash down around the Cavaliers.

Smith claims that Dan Gilbert wants to sell the Cavaliers. However, could this be a blessing in disguise?

What does Dan Gilbert's future with the Cavs really mean?

Stephen A. Smith mentioned that Dan Gilbert wants to sell the Cleveland Cavaliers, which makes LeBron James future even more important to the city, the franchise, and its owner. See, if Gilbert wants to sell the team, he will get a huge sum of money but the total worth of the franchise would be exponentially higher with LeBron James as part of the team.

Dan Gilbert wants LeBron James back with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but if these rumors are true, he is more interested in maximizing his profits from selling the team than he is about making sure that Cleveland has a star in place to bring more championships to the city.

The one downfall is that, if LeBron knows about this, he holds all the cards and can demand just about anything because if he leaves, he could cost Gilbert millions.

What could LeBron James have to do with the sale of the Cavs?

However, there is a sliver of positive news that could come out of this. When interviewed over the summer about his future plans, LeBron James made some interesting comments.

He said that he would not allow Cleveland to trade him and mentioned bringing another title to the city. He also said that he was not going to make a decision on next season until this season ended, and could possibly leave the Cavs.

However, LeBron James also said that he had future plans as well. Much like Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Hornets, Leron said that he wants to one day own his own NBA team.

Imagine how huge it would have been if Jordan had purchased the Chicago Bulls instead of the Hornets? Jordan is the best players in Chicago history.

LeBron James is the best player in Cleveland Cavaliers history, and if he wants to purchase an NBA team, there might not be a better option than Cleveland. Stephen A. Smith did not say that Dan Gilbert wanted to sell the team now, but he wants to in the next few years. Imagine LeBron coming back and getting the first chance to buy the Cavaliers when Gilbert sells the team.

Cleveland Cavaliers fans have a lot to worry about. Imagine their joy if their favorite son becomes the new owner of the franchise in the near future.