Last summer, a report came out indicating that Chris Paul was unhappy with how the Los Angeles Clippers were being run by coach and president of basketball operations Doc Rivers. One of the main complaints was the preferential treatment given to his son Austin, who was also a player on the team.

Paul and Austin both came out to refute the report and it was chalked up to bad intel. Not too long after though, Paul was traded at his request to the Houston Rockets. It seemed like a pure basketball decision, as going to Houston paired Paul with James Harden and gives the team a legit title shot.

Then came the infamous game with Paul's new and old team facing off.

The game was chippy and just about everyone had words for each other. Austin Rivers was one of the more vocal ones, despite being in street clothes due to an ankle injury. This drew the ire of multiple Houston players.

Tensions were so high that coach Mike D'Antoni was seen on television telling Clippers forward Blake Griffin to "go f*** yourself." It was after the game, though, that things really got out of hand as Paul led several Rockets players to the Clippers locker room in an effort to confront Rivers. The resulting backlash from the ugly night has prompted another former teammate of Austin's to speak up regarding what it's like playing with the coach's son.

Doc Rivers plays favorites

Matt Barnes has always been known to speak his mind. Not too many NBA players carry the same reputation as Barnes. If he has a problem with you, then you should probably watch your back. Just ask Derek Fisher.

Barnes spoke out regarding his thoughts on Austin Rivers and what went wrong in Los Angeles.

In true Barnes fashion, he did not mince words.

“He’s just very arrogant,” Barnes told Mad Dog Sports Radio of Austin. “I know him personally, and at the beginning it took a little bit to get used to and as a teammate you kind of just accept him for who he is and have his back as a teammate, but hearing guys talk around the league and seeing guys that had a problem with him while I was playing with him, I could see why."

Barnes further elaborated that it was mainly Austin's arrogance that turned a lot of his teammates off.

The way he carried himself like he was a top star in the league when he was more of a role player at best befuddled his peers.

In practice, Doc would get on certain guys for not hustling or making a mistake. Surprisingly, he never really seemed to get on his own son though for similar transgressions. Then came the decision to give Austin a 3 year $35million contract. That move drove home how the coach and GM saw the team. Taking care of his son was taking priority over building the best team possible.

What's going on in LA?

Chris Paul mentioned after his trade to Houston that he lost faith in the Clippers when they turned down a trade that would've brought Carmelo Anthony to town in exchange for a package that included Austin Rivers.

The trade might not have put them over the top in the Western Conference but it certainly would've made the team better. Now that another former player has come out to complain that Doc and Austin's relationship is deteriorating the team, it might be time for some serious changes in Los Angeles.