Race Car legend Dan Sexton Gurney passed away, January 14th, in Newport, CA. He was best known for his incredible racing record and his innovation in car designs. He was a titan of the race car industry.

His impressive racing record spanned over 15-years, but that was only the beginning. As an innovator, he will live on forever.

Gurney was born in 1931 in NY to John Gurney and Roma Sexton

When Dan Gurney moved from NY. to CA. he quickly became entrenched in the hot rod culture of the 1950s. He began his successful career as a race car driver in1955.

winning nearly every race he entered.

He worked with big names like Carol Shelby. Gurney won the Formula 1, IndyCar, and Nascar as well as the Daytona. He raced for over 15-years and with a high winning streak, he was a formidable competitor.

Gurney was not just amazing behind the wheel

Dan Gurney was a leader in his field and an innovator. After driving for well-known companies like Ferrari, and Porsche he started designing his own cars. With a team of designers, he went on to build his own line of race cars.

He won the Belgian Grand Prix with a car designed with his team. He was the first American to win an F 1 race in a car of his own design.

In a way, it seemed Dan had inventing in his blood

Gurney's three uncles were MIT engineers, and his grandfather was famous for inventing The Gurney Ball Bearing.

Dan was a true innovator, designing and building his own cars. With his own team, he designed and created a line of All American Eagle racers.

It was also said Gurney was the first to spray champagne from the winner's podium after a race.

After winning the 1967 24 Hours of Le Mans, Dan Gurney spontaneously shook a bottle of champagne and sprayed it on anyone near.

Dan Gurney said he was so stoked when he won that he shook a bottle of champagne and sprayed it on everyone and this has become a racing tradition worldwide.

Gurney retired from driving in 1970 after winning a whopping 51 races.

But this legend didn't stop there. After retirement, Gurney remained in the sport as the owner, of The All American Racers better known as the AAR.

His Eagle race cars won the Indy500 twice. In the 1992 and 1993 seasons, Gurney's cars won 17 consecutive races. AAR, his company built 157 race cars, which won 78 races.

On January 14 the world lost a true race car legend

In a statement put out by his family, his wife Evi said, "with one last smile on his handsome face, Dan drove off into the unknown."

The world will miss Dan Gurney.