What is wrong with the Cleveland Cavaliers? They have dropped four straight games and eight of their last 10, getting blown out in several of the games. Is it the addition of isaiah thomas that has ruined team chemistry? Is it the horrific defense that has been haunting them for most of the season? Maybe it’s a mixture of the two?

Never has a LeBron James led team struggled this mightily, so the Cavaliers need answers quickly before the wheels fall off. We’ve already seen James rip into his teammates on the sideline in a game against the Toronto Raptors.

We’ve also heard murmurs that Cavaliers players have been frustrated with James. Whatever the main source of the problem may be, this team either needs to shake up its roster or find a way to co-exist.

Isaiah Thomas’ defense a major problem?

To add fuel to the flame, reports have surfaced that Cavaliers stars, James, Kevin Love and even Dwyane Wade have complained about Isaiah Thomas’ defense to the media. The three stars reportedly complained about everyone, but they keyed in on Thomas much more than the others.

Thomas’ defense is clearly his biggest flaw since he is drastically undersized at 5-foot nine inches. Even during his days in Boston, he had trouble defending bigger guards and was completely a non-factor when switching on pick and rolls.

However, while the Cavaliers could point their fingers at Thomas, the team struggled on the defensive end way before the 28-year-old point guard’s return. The Cavaliers have been at the bottom in defensive efficiency for almost the entire season, so specifically blaming Thomas for their defensive miscues seems unreasonable.

Yes, Thomas is small and gets burned by most points guards, but the Cavaliers, as a team, have been lackluster on that end of the floor.

Perhaps it may be because Coach Tyronn Lue has downsized this season, playing Love at the center position, giving the Cavs absolutely no shot blocking at the rim.

What the Cavaliers can do to turn things around

The Cavaliers may have to make Tristan Thompson a permanent starter again to allow him to be more effective while protecting the paint to the best of his abilities.

Another option would be to actively pursue Clippers big man DeAndre Jordan, finally striking a deal to acquire him. Jordan would instantly change the outlook of the team, giving them a solid paint protector.

At this point, the Cavaliers don’t look like the Eastern Conference champions, and it’s quite troubling considering James will become a free agent next summer, with most NBA insiders expecting him to leave. Something has to give in The Land. The team needs answers, now.