LeBron James is one of the greatest players we have ever seen in NBA history, and he is also one of the unique and versatile players to set foot on the hardwood too. His ability to play all positions on both offense and defense is remarkable, and his head coach felt comfortable as he started King James at the point on Tuesday night against the Chicago Bulls. The Cavaliers main two point guards Isaiah Thomas and Derrick Rose both have an injury that is keeping them out right now, so the King stepped forward and took the important role of the Point Guard position, and did it very well.

Derrick Rose will likely return in a few games, but until that time Coach, Lue may continue with LeBron as the primary facilitator, with JR Smith, Jae Crowder, Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson all starting. As for Isaiah Thomas, his hip injury has held him out for quite some time but might be looking at a return just before 2018.

But it doesn’t seem to matter if LeBron James is played at his primary position of small forward, or point guard or even any other position on the floor Tyronn Lue wants to place him. The King will excel at every position on the court, and LeBron himself explained why.

LeBron can play all five

There are five positions on a basketball court, point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, center.

And LeBron James believes he is the best and most dominant player on the court on both offense and defense when playing any of those positions. LeBron explained:

"When I started playing ball, for some odd reason, I could learn every single position on the floor, all at one time… Point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center.

I know all the plays and what they're doing and what's the reads.”

To this day, if coach slides me to the one, I know every set. If he slides me to the five, I know the five… the four… the three… the two. I know every single play in every single position, so it makes the job a lot easier for me because I know where I should be and where my teammates should be."

This is one of the astonishing qualities that makes LeBron James one of the best or arguably the best player of all time.

Most players are well suited to one or two particular positions, and their ability to dominate their opponent at that same position makes them great, but for LeBron, his versatility to play every position makes him great.

Point guard LeBron could continue

With quite a successful run at point guard against the Chicago Bulls last night, Tyronn Lue might be inclined to continue playing King James at the one. It was the first time the King had started at the PG position since 2008 although he often plays the role of point-forward during games. But after coming off his best assist season in the league, LeBron is in his passing prime and could be used a lot more at PG this season, with or without former MVP Derrick Rose and 5 foot 9, Isaiah Thomas.