A new book has been released, detailing how life was behind bars for former NFL star Aaron Hernandez. “All-American Murder,” by James Patterson and two co-authors, depicts a wildly defiant Hernandez that was constantly getting in trouble and was a problem for both guards and other inmates alike. The book focuses on the 18 months he spent at Bristol County House of Corrections while he awaited trial.

At Bristol County, Hernandez was frequently getting into altercations with inmates and staff. Fights with other inmates, threats made to correction officers, Hernandez had vitriol for everyone.

Some of the incidents paint a picture of an immature man-child who would do anything to get under people's skin.

His time behind bars

Hernandez punched a handcuffed inmate in a violent assault. His reason was that the inmate was staring at him too long. The inmate claimed he was a fan of the former NFL player and was merely staring in admiration.

Another incident saw Hernandez written up by officers for using alleged gang signs in a correspondence. A still defiant Hernandez threatened that he would rip up the warning and eat it. He then ripped up the warning and ate it.

One incident, however, showed just how far Hernandez had been removed from his previous life of riches. He was mistakenly sent a box of honey buns which were prohibited inside the prison.

Upon learning that they were going to be confiscated, Hernandez ate 20 of the 24 in the box as quickly as he could. He then asked guards if he could eat the final four remaining and he was told no.

This was a person who was playing football for millions of dollars in front of millions of fans. Now, he wasn't even allowed to have a tasty treat that was sent to him by a family member.

How did it all go so wrong for him?

How did it all go so wrong?

To this day, it is still a mystery how a talented young man with a fresh $40 million contract and his whole life ahead of him could just throw it all away. He went from catching passes from future hall of fame quarterback Tom Brady, to being denied extra helpings at dinner in prison.

It is certainly one of the biggest falls from grace that we have ever witnessed.

Hernandez was convicted of murdering former semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd and received a life sentence without the possibility of parole. He later was acquitted of gunning down two other men over a night club dispute. Despite the acquittal and his active appeal in his first murder trial, Hernandez took his own life in his jail cell on April 15, 2015.