There have been recent reports that another member of the WWE roster has been sidelined. After Monday's Christmas edition of WWE Raw in Chicago, Illinois, it's been indicated that former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Brian Kendrick suffered an injury. Here are the latest details which are still scarce right now with regards to Kendrick's situation.

'Raw' injury during match

In a report released on Ringside News, it's noted that Brian Kendrick has suffered a fractured orbital bone as well as a fractured nasal bridge during the episode of "Raw". Kendrick's injury occurred during his matchup against Hideo Itami, a newer member of the Cruiserweight division.

Itami delivered what was said to be a "stiff GTS," which is his finishing move. As of this report, it's unknown how long Kendrick is expected to be out of action due to the injury.

For comparison's sake, professional hockey player Brandon Dubinsky of the Columbus Blue Jackets suffered a similar orbital injury during a fight in a game earlier this month. Dubinsky was reported to be out of action as long as six to eight weeks with the fractured orbital injury. However, Kendrick suffered more than just the orbital injury so it could put him out of action for even longer. It will all depend on how WWE and their doctors choose to progress with Kendrick.

Division taking hits

This is the second injury to hit the Cruiserweight division within the past month.

A week or so ago it was reported that Noam Dar was out of action following torn meniscus surgery. Dar suffered his injury during a Fatal 4-Way No. 1 Contender match back on November 27th. He's considered to be on at least a five-month recovery timetable, as of the latest reports. In addition to the injuries, there is also Rich Swann, another former Cruiserweight champion, who is currently on an indefinite suspension by WWE due to his pending case involving a domestic assault/false imprisonment charges.

In terms of Brian Kendrick's injury, could this potentially cause WWE to look closer at the finishing move that Hideo Itami is used? As fans have seen in the past, Seth Rollins' curb stomp was among the finishers that WWE removed from his arsenal. It's now possible they'll want to reduce the potential for injuries at the hands of Itami's move, which was reportedly a "stiff" version of the finisher. Stay tuned as WWE will likely have more information in the coming week or so with regards to Brian Kendrick's timetable for returning to the ring.