Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, and John Cena are all rumored to be changing brands in the WWE next week. This past Monday, Vince McMahon made his big WWE return on "Monday Night Raw" and announced that next week there will be a major roster shake-up with new "Raw" general manager Kurt Angle and "SmackDown Live" general manager Daniel Bryan working out trades. PWInsider is a huge source of inside information from the WWE and has a number of names that the WWE is rumored on considering for the WWE roster-shake-up.

"WWE Monday Night Raw" and Roman Reigns

Starting with "Monday Night Raw," the WWE is considering moving their biggest star away from their main brand with Roman Reigns. The WWE really wants Roman to be one of their top faces but there are too many fans who are not willing to buy into it. At "WrestleMania 33" last weekend, Reigns pinned The Undertaker and possibly ended the legend's career. The next night on "Monday Night Raw," Roman came out to open the show and the fans booed him so loudly that he couldn't talk. After 10 minutes of the fans cutting into Reigns, he finally just said "this is my yard now" and left the ring. He was the most hated wrestler on the show. The biggest rumors are that the WWE will trade Roman Reigns to "SmackDown Live," possibly in a trade that brings them none other than John Cena.

"WWE SmackDown Live" and AJ Styles

As for "SmackDown Live," bringing in Roman Reigns and losing John Cena won't hurt them at all. Cena is a part-time star now and there is really nothing he can do but bring a rise in crowds and television audiences when he comes back from shooting TV shows and movies. Bringing in Roman will give the WWE an immediate star to be there every week.

However, the biggest rumor coming out of "SmackDown Live" was that they could lose AJ Styles in the roster shake-up. The idea was that the trade could be Reigns for Styles but there are rumors now that it might not happen. AJ Styles came out on "SmackDown Live" this week and said that he didn't want to leave and he and Shane McMahon showed respect for each other.

There is a chance that The Club of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson come over and the WWE reforms this faction on "SmackDown" with Styles remaining the villain he works at best.

The Women of the WWE

The final rumors surround the women of the WWE. The biggest rumor earlier this week was that Charlotte Flair was heading to "SmackDown Live" with possibly Alexa Bliss moving to "Monday Night Raw." That would give "SmackDown" a huge female superstar and she could feud with Becky Lynch, Mickey James, and more. However, the rumors now indicate that it could be Sasha Banks making the move and that might work if they want to keep her a face but there seemed to be a push on turning her heel against Bayley on "Raw." The WWE brand shake-up takes place next week on "Monday Night Raw."