isaiah thomas took to Twitter on Boxing Day December 26 to get his feelings about the Boston Celtics' trade off his chest. Has he gotten over the trade yet? It seems like every time the press talk to him, he speaks out about the way he was so hurt when Boston Celtics traded him for Kyrie Irving.

Isaiah Thomas tweets about Celtics trade

After Rachel Nichols of ESPN interviewed him, and he had a bit of unflattering stuff to say about Celtics' medical crew, Fadeawayworld reported that fans bashed him back. They are starting to think he will never get over the trade and that he should move on from his pain over the Boston Celtics trade.

In a string of tweets, Isaiah said his piece about it all, which shows he may have actually gotten over it all.

"It’s funny how people think I keep bringing up the dumbass trade situation. It’s the media asking the same dumbass questions about it. So it’s obvious they want to keep it going. It’s not like when I’m interviewed I’m asking them can you PLEASE bring up the trade please lol," he posted.

Replying to him, one commenter noted that actually, once he gets playing, people will probably stop asking him those questions anyway.

That commenter has a good point. The media will no doubt be all over seeing how he comes back to the game and slots in with the Cavaliers. Cavs' fans will hope the press blow it all right back at Celtics if he plays as well as everyone hopes.

But despite the fans who tried to encourage him, Isaiah Thomas went back to the subject a little bit later.

He posted spoke about how he thinks people should not be mad at him. He feels the press reporters are the ones who keep raising the questions. He pointed out that he is not "salty" about the Celtic trade still, but he gets asked questions.

Isaiah got a lot of love from his old Boston fans. One tweeted, "Hey Isaiah I still love you. Talk about the trade. Talk about the real ness behind this. The humanity shown in athletes is what the world needs to see more. You will always have my support no matter where you go! You represent Boston the best way possible. Much love!"

He then followed up by posting, "Absolutely. A great man and human.

Did a lot for the community and represented Boston in every way. Truly will be missed."

Moved on from the trade but still loves Boston

Isaiah then tweeted about how much he still loves his old town and team and recognized that they gave him an opportunity to become a "superstar."

With Isaiah rumored to be playing with the Cavaliers soon, probably both Boston Celtics and Cavaliers fans will be more interested in his game performance than the history of the trade itself. He seems to have moved on, and maybe it's time the media did too.