WWE superstar Paige is in the midst of preparing for a comeback. The two-time Divas champion, who has been out with a neck injury is currently training for an in-ring return. While Paige’s professional life is taking a turn for the better, the same can’t be said for her personal life.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Paige had broken up with her boyfriend, former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio. Fans noticed that the two wrestlers had been quiet about their relationship recently. But in a Snapchat video posted by Paige, she revealed that she was single and enjoying life with her friends.

While the news may seem sad, it’s a huge relief to Paige fans.

Their relationship

In the spring of 2016, photos surfaced online of Paige and Alberto Del Rio hanging out at an amusement park. The pictures immediately led to speculation that the two were dating. Shortly after the rumors started, the two wrestlers confirmed that they were in a relationship.

The new couple stunned fans in the wrestling community. Paige and Del Rio seemed like an odd pairing due to their opposite personalities. Their relationship also started off with controversy due to their 15-year age difference, and Del Rio going through a divorce.

Despite the controversy, the two remained strong. Yet, their relationship was soon met with plenty of problems.

Rumors swirled that WWE officials were concerned that Del Rio was a bad influence on Paige, so they split the two wrestlers during the draft. A move that reportedly didn’t sit well with the couple.

One month after the draft, the two stars would find themselves in trouble when they violated WWE’s wellness policy. They were both suspended for thirty days.

A few weeks later, Del Rio announced his departure from the company. Less than two months later, Paige would find herself in trouble when she once again failed the wellness policy again.

Aside from the wellness policy violations, Paige was also dealing with a neck injury, which required surgery. During that time, Del Rio stayed by Paige’s side and the two affectionately proclaimed their love for each other via social media.

The couple took the next big step in the fall of 2016, when Paige proposed to her boyfriend following a wrestling match.

Yet, the couple's happiness would be short-lived. In the summer of 2017, the two were caught arguing at an Orlando airport. Things became so tense that the police were called in, yet no chargers were filed.

Their split

Following the airport incident, Del Rio insisted that it was a misunderstanding and that he and Paige were fine. Yet, fans quickly noticed a change in the female wrestler, who seemed much happier. She’d post photos of her training in the ring or hanging out with friends, yet none of Del Rio.

But Paige quickly put an end to the speculation by announcing that she was a single woman.

Upon learning the news, fans quickly expressed their happiness at the couple’s break up. With Del Rio out of the picture, Paige can now concentrate on her WWE return, which is rumored to happen any day now.