Just like any other team in the La Liga, Barcelona is working hard to make sure they maintain the top spot on the table. They are facing stiff competition from other dominant clubs in the league including Real Madrid, Valencia, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla. Barcelona’s top striker Lionel Messi, however, had something to reveal. Lionel Messi said that he knows the secret of Real Madrid’s Christiano Ronaldo and their fans can't wait to know what it is.

Ronaldo had a difficult start this season

According to the Express, Messi is aware that Ronaldo is disturbed by the unrest at the Bernabeu after a difficult start in the new season.

Even with his impressive capabilities, the 32-year-old Ronaldo struggles to spot the net at once, and everyone is aware of that. The 30-year-old Barcelona striker knows that Real Madrid’s players are frustrated with Ronaldo over the issue. Both footballers displayed incredible form over the last decade to establish themselves among the best in the world, but this season, more attention is going towards Messi who has outclassed his rival, Ronaldo. Lionel has already scored 12 goals this season, and even though Real won the La Liga last year, it had a poor start this season.

Moreover, Ronaldo refuses to celebrate when his team scores and the players are mad at him. According to Foot The Ball, Ronaldo suffered the worst start of his career and has launched 55 shots in the last eight La Liga games but scored only one goal.

Real Madrid fans are still trying to digest those facts. It is speculated that the Portuguese player is aware of the pressure and he might leave the club next summer. The world is not new to footballers’ rivalry. After all, it makes the game more exciting, and the most popular ones are Ronaldo and Messi. Each of them has broken a record, set up a milestone and delivered a breathtaking performance.

Messi might leave Barcelona in January

The two footballers will be fighting for the Ballon d’Or award in December, but their rivalry might end since there are speculations that they will leave their camps soon.

According to the Express, it is speculated that Messi might leave Barcelona on the basis that his contract extension has not been penned yet.

He threatened to be off by January if his extension is not signed and it’s likely that he will be joining the 25-year-old Brazillian striker Neymar at PSG or moving to Manchester City. Barcelona boss Ernesto Valverde stated that he wasn’t concerned with Messi’s current situation.

Barcelona will lock horns with Real Madrid on December 23 and their fans can’t wait to see both Messi and Ronaldo showcase their play. According to the Express, Barcelona is hoping to have 30-year-old Ousmane Dembele in the squad. Ousmane got injured in September and has been out of action since then.