When Nathan Peterman was announced as the starter for the Bills in week 11, there was plenty of debate about it. At 5-4 and in playoff position, was it really worth it to bench a veteran like Tyrod Taylor for an inexperienced rookie like Nathan Peterman? Media personalities ripped the move as they saw it as unfair, but Sean Mcdermott trusted in his decision. Unfortunately, the results last week were disastrous.

A horrible debut for the rookie

Peterman showed flashes of being a good quarterback in the preseason, but those flashes didn't appear very often in LA against the Chargers.

Instead, the rookie threw a whopping five interceptions in one half, leaving Buffalo with pretty much no chance of making a comeback. He was replaced at the end of the first half by Tyrod Taylor, who performed much better.

Now the Bills coaching staff is left with a decision: Stick with Nathan Peterman at quarterback for the rest of the season or give Tyrod Taylor another chance. If we believe what Sean McDermott said in previous press conference, then it seems like Peterman will get another shot.

Press conference post Chargers game

In the press conference following week 11, Sean McDermott made the following comments to the media:

Does that really sound like a man who is ready to go back to Tyrod Taylor after just one half of Nathan Peterman?

McDermott is a man who trusts his own process, and if he believes that Nathan Peterman is a part of that process, then he will name him as the Bills starter against the Kansas City Chiefs tomorrow.

Several Buffalo Bills writers, including Joe Buscaglia, believe McDermott will stick with Nathan as his starter.

And at this point, it might actually make sense, given how poorly the defense has been playing for the past three weeks.

A broken defense

Following the Marcell Dareus trade, the Bills have been gashed on the ground. The Jets put up a whopping 34 points against them, the Saints put up 47, and the Chargers put up 54. In every one of those games, opposing running backs combined for at least 100 yards rushing. In the Saints game, running backs Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram each rushed for more than 100 yards.

Even with Tom Brady at quarterback, the Bills would struggle to get wins with the defense allowing so many rushing yards and points. At the start of the season, this looked like a playoff caliber defense. But now, it seems to be one of the weakest parts of the team.

And if the Bills defense isn't going to get better, what does Buffalo really have to gain from starting Tyrod Taylor? It's becoming more and more obvious that the Brandon Beane/Sean McDermott regime isn't interested in keeping Taylor around long term, so why not give Peterman a few games to audition? If he plays as poorly as he did in the Chargers game for the rest of the year, the result will likely be a really good first round draft pick.

For now, the Bills are in the playoff hunt. If Sean McDermott really does stick with his decision and goes with Peterman tomorrow, you can definitely count Buffalo out of it.