Neymar might be parting ways with Spanish giants FC Barcelona and joining Paris Saint-Germain. What was once perceived as an impossible scenario seems to become more plausible as the days pass. Neymar has always voiced his joy to play for the Catalan club. He has formed one of the most threatening big-3 in soccer history with Luis Suarez and the one and only Lionel Messi. He seemed to have embraced his secondary role; the left flank was his terrain, and he ran the magic show at the Camp Nou. When Messi could not lead Barcelona to victory, Neymar was counted on to show up.

Neymar no longer Messi's sidekick?

A certain incertitude has always floated around Barcelona during these last years. How long would Neymar be content with being in Messi's shadow? Messi, 30, does not seem to be slowing down. If anything, he appears to have transformed his game yet again and become the perfect all-around soccer player. Neymar might have finally decided to take a primary role elsewhere, and PSG are knocking on his door harder than ever in order to acquire the superstar they have long needed.

It is not the first time that the wealthy French have been linked with Neymar. It seems that now they are willing to go all in, and the Brazilian star could have given them a reason to do so.

Their greatest obstacle is the $256 million release clause in Neymar's contract. Barcelona are not likely to negotiate his departure. It will be up to Neymar to convince PSG to meet that astronomical number if he truly wants to leave.

Barcelona has to move on

Barcelona cannot be subjected to such drama every summer. Barcelona are above a single player, especially one who is not their most important player.

If Neymar wants to leave, he should let the front office know and bring the $256 million. No player is probably worth that much money, but this is the inflated soccer market we are witnessing today. Neymar would be leaving a winning situation with one of the best teams in the world. He would also be leaving the best league in the world.

He would rather join an ever-disappointing team in the European Champions League and compete in a second-level French league. On the other hand, he would become the face of a promising team and probably the highest paid soccer player to ever live.

Barca may be Barca again

Barcelona could do a lot with that money. Players like Paolo Dybala and Philippe Coutinho are already being linked with a move to Barcelona, and they would certainly do a good job filling the gap Neymar could leave. If anything, Neymar's departure could end up being beneficial for Barcelona. The team could finally reunite with its unique soccer style, also known as tiki-taka, that embraces short passing, ball movement, and ball possession.

Neymar's individualistic game certainly challenged this Barcelona's intent to use this style on many occasions. The arrival of players like Dybala or Coutinho, who are more team-oriented stars, could certainly help Barcelona find themselves again. The addition of a star central midfielder who can play alongside Andres Iniesta, and eventually take the reins of the midfield once Iniesta retires, is also a necessity for the Catalans. Marco Verratti seems to be a lost hope by now, but Barcelona could make a final attempt by including him in a potential deal with PSG for Neymar. Yes, it would be great for Barcelona to keep Neymar and their big-3 intact, but there was life before Neymar and there will be one after him. As long as Barcelona still have Messi, then they will continue to have a chance at all titles.