LeBron James is in his 15th season in the National Basketball Association and has become very accustomed to receiving criticism and hearing trash talk from opposing players, fans and the media. For LeBron, he always takes the high road and doesn’t let the thoughts of other people get to him, he just continues playing his game and lets his performances do the talking.

But after LeBron James told the media he thought that the young and talented Mavericks rookie Dennis Smith Jr should’ve been a New York Knicks, expressing that he thought the Knicks choice to pass up on the Smith Jr was the wrong decision.

Instead, the Knicks chose 19-year old French point guard, Frank Ntilikina. But many Knicks players and fans took offense to this comment made by King James, as they feel their rookie was the better choice, over Dennis Smith Jr. One of these with a strong opinion was Knicks big man Enes Kanter, who not only expressed his thoughts in a tweet directed at LeBron James but also got into James’ face during the first quarter of the Cavs-Knicks game on Monday night. After a scuffle between LeBron and the seemingly offended Frank Ntilikina who for no reason started pushing the King, Enes got into the Cavaliers forward’s face before a non-phased LeBron pushed him out the way. However, after the Cavaliers 23-point comeback, both sides had some things to say after the final buzzer.

LeBron and Enes exchange postgame comments

During the Cleveland Cavaliers 104-101 victory over the New York Knicks at the Madison Square Garden, LeBron and the Knicks found themselves in a few heated exchanges. The Knicks did not take lightly to the comments LeBron made about their choice of a rookie in the draft, and after going up by double digits the Knicks players were celebrating and trash talking to LBJ and the Cavs.

But this was not a good idea as the Cavaliers, led by an impressive fourth quarter performance from sharpshooter Kyle Korver and a clutch offensive and defensive stretch from ‘The Chosen One,' embarked on a 23-point comeback to win 104-101.

After the game during his postgame interview, Enes Kanter disprespected LeBron, saying “I don’t care what you call yourself - King, Queen, Princess - we’re gonna fight,” It’s obvious that the Knicks power forward does not think LeBron deserves the title as the ‘King,' and doesn’t feel his opinion about which rookie the Knicks should’ve chosen is relevant.

But LeBron James totally destroyed these comments, after being told what Kanter had to say about him in his postgame interview, James responded with, “I’m the King, my wife is the Queen, and my daughter is the Princess. So we got all three covered.”

The high road

LeBron James once again took the high road in the midst of the back and forth talk between himself and Enes Kanter. Instead of attacking Kanter as a person or as a player, which he could’ve easily done, remember Charles Barkley? James instead agreed with Enes’ comment, giving notion to his family as being the royal family of basketball, sorry LaVar Ball.