WWE Superstar, Paige, is training for her in-ring return. After a year-long hiatus, it appears the star is inching closer to making a wrestling comeback. And if the current rumors are true, the former Divas champion could make her return tonight on Monday Night Raw.

Paige's hiatus

Paige has been a fan favorite with the WWE crowds since her developmental days in NXT. Her anti-Diva gimmick along with her wrestling skills quickly made her a hit. Throughout the course of her WWE career, she’s won the NXT Women’s championship and became a two-time Divas champion.

She’s also credited with helping to create WWE’s Women’s Revolution movement. At just 25 years-old, Paige has accomplished a lot in her career.

Yet, in 2016, a nagging neck injury, along with scandals in her personal life put Paige’s career in question. After being moved to RAW during the 2016 draft, Paige took time off to deal with her injury. Later that year she underwent successful surgery to repair the damage to her neck. While recuperating from surgery, Paige’s personal life became tabloid fodder due to a sex tape scandal along with an infamous fight with her former fiancée, Alberto Del Rio.

Between the injury and the scandals, it appeared Paige’s wrestling career was over. People were waiting for the moment when WWE announced Paige was fired.

However, the scandals appeared to have no impact on company officials.

With no punishment from the scandal fallout, Paige concentrated on her recovery. Once she was fully healed, she began the journey to return to the ring. This news was a joy to her fans, who were anxiously ready for their favorite anti-Diva to come back to television.

Paige's return

When Paige started training earlier this summer, speculation began on which show she’d appear on upon her return. At first, it was rumored she’d be joining the Smackdown roster. But over the weekend, reports surfaced that she’d be on RAW.

In fact, rumors are, the star is set to make her triumphant return tonight.

With Survivor Series less than a week away, there’s one spot left on RAW’s women’s team. If the rumors are true, Paige could be the one to fill the final spot and potentially lead team RAW to a victory at Survivor Series.

The WWE has a habit of changing plans. Within the last week a couple of matches at Survivor Series have been changed, so anything can happen. With Paige reportedly returning to RAW and competing at the upcoming PPV, the excitement level is at an all-time high.

Will Paige return tonight at RAW? Will she finally be a member of team RAW? What will her role be at Survivor Series? Fans will just have to tune in tonight to see if the raven-haired wrestler makes an appearance.