It's Auston and Connor's world of hockey, and the rest of us are just watching it from the comfort of our own homes. Toronto Maple Leafs and Edmonton Oilers powerhouses Auston Matthews and Connor McDavid have taken the NHL by storm the last few seasons with great skating, slick hands, and confidence beyond their years. Their unique approaches have rapidly made them the duo of young faces in the NHL.

National Post reported that Matthews played his 100th career game on Monday, November 21. Let's look at these two generational talents after their first 100 games.

The stats

Both players bounced into the NHL at the age of 19, but immediately came into their destined roles as regular NHL players. They have tallied up points at key moments while doing it with determination. There's no doubt that there have been arguments over who is the better player. After 100 games McDavid has scored 34 goals, 74 assists, and 100 points. Matthews has scored 52 goals, 38 assists, and 90 points. These numbers clearly show a gap between the two players.


Before Oilers fans begin a rally, it should be noted that McDavid's first season production was diminished when he missed about three months with a fractured clavicle. In the 19 games progressing up to his injury in 2015/16, McDavid recorded 24 points and was playing well.

So this goes to show that he would have continued to play well offensively had he not been injured. Now looking at Matthews, he recorded six goals and seven assists in his first 19 games. Now looking at the facts, at this point in time in their careers, Matthews has shown that he plays with more stamina.


As the Beatles have said it, you can't get by without a little help from your friends, and in regards to hockey, this statement couldn't have more truth to it.

Looking at last season, Edmonton's line of Patrick Maroon, Leon Draisaitl, and McDavid were a hot trio racking up points all season. Imagine if the Oilers didn't end up signing Draisaitl in the offseason? But looking at this year the fire just isn't as ignited. They are sitting near the bottom of the league in terms of goal-scoring.

In comparison, Matthews' line with William Nylander and Zach Hyman has been without a doubt one of the best trios in the NHL this year, showcasing the Leafs' offensive spark. Overall, choosing which player is better is like picking between a BMW and a Mercedes Benz. It is evident that this discussion will not come to a close.