At Sunday night's WWE "TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2017" pay-per-view, the WWE "Raw" Women's Championship will be on the line. Reigning champ Alexa Bliss has another challenge to overcome but this time it's a multiple time women's champion known for her matchups against the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita. Now she'll be trying to capture the "Raw" women's title for the first time in her career. Can Mickie overcome Alexa Bliss or will "The Goddess" of WWE find a way to win once again?

Match preview

These two competitors have been in a war of words over the past several weeks on WWE "Raw." The majority of their talking points have stemmed from the age difference.

Mickie James is currently 38-years-old while Alexa Bliss is 12 years younger. Due to this, Miss Bliss has been making jokes at Mickie's expense over her being like a senior citizen in the women's division.

Alexa Bliss is a former two-time WWE "SmackDown" Women's Champion and two-time WWE "Raw" Women's Champion. James is a multiple-time women's champion, though. She's held the WWE Women's Championship five times during her career as well as the former WWE Divas Championship once. Those facts on her resume give her the experience necessary to give Alexa Bliss a run for her money in their upcoming match.

However, Bliss has shown she has ring savvy. Whether it involves frustrating her opponents with tactics or complaining to the referee, she's been able to use various things to her advantage to remain champion.

She's defeated Bayley in a Kendo Stick match and Becky Lynch months ago in a steel cage match. In fact, that win over Lynch came thanks to the help of a disguised Mickie James making her return to WWE. Now the former allies are competitors over the "Raw" women's title.

Who will win?

While there are plenty of fans rooting for Mickie James to capture the title for the first time in her career, it doesn't appear that's in the plans for WWE right now.

James deserves probably one more title run before she ends her career. However, the likely plan going forward will have Bliss capturing more wins before eventually having to face newcomer Asuka.

As of this report, the Paddy Power sportsbook has listed Alexa Bliss as a 1 to 7 favorite to win the match and retain her title on Sunday night.

Mickie James is the underdog at odds of 10 to 3 to capture the "Raw" Women's title. When the PPV is all over with, expect to see Miss Bliss still the women's champion heading into Monday's episode of WWE "Raw."