On Sunday, WWE's "Hell in a Cell 2017" pay-per-view arrives as the superstars of "SmackDown Live" battle over championships, rivalries, and feuds. Several matches will take place inside the Hell in a Cell cage structure where bodies are broken and careers often damaged. In particular, "SmackDown" Commissioner Shane Mcmahon will battle kevin owens. The two have been in a longstanding feud over several months which will culminate with their brutal matchup at the PPV.

Match buildup

Kevin Owens took issue with Shane McMahon on several occasions but the biggest catalysts for the match came from the WWE "SummerSlam" fallout.

At that PPV, AJ Styles was scheduled to defend the WWE United States Championship against Kevin Owens. During an episode of "SmackDown Live," Shane was made special guest referee for the match by General Manager Daniel Bryan. During the PPV, AJ was able to defeat Styles and retain the title, but Owens' temper flared up as he would go on to accuse Shane of favoritism.

Over several weeks, Owens tried to use Baron Corbin as his special guest referee against Styles, but Shane ended up coming down to ringside to argue with Corbin's inability to make proper calls. Corbin walked off and Shane took over as ref, once again counting the pinfall for Styles. Owens would go on to try to work as a referee for matches himself over several weeks, which eventually resulted in Shane coming out to put a stop to that.

Shane would inform Owens he was not allowed to work as a referee which ended up in a war of words between he and Owens. When Owens mentioned Shane's children more than once, it drove the Commissioner over the edge, causing him to beat up K.O. outside the ring. That would result in Shane getting suspended by Daniel Bryan.

When WWE CEO Vince McMahon arrived at "SmackDown" a week later to address Owens in the ring, he informed everyone that Shane was reinstated and would take on Owens inside Hell in a Cell.

Owens ended up headbutting the CEO down, superkicking him and hitting a Frogsplash on Vince from off the top rope. Basically, Mr. McMahon was left bleeding on the mat with Shane watching from home. All of that has further driver Shane-O-Mac towards wanting to destroy Owens in the cell.

Who will win?

Over at the Paddy Power Irish sportsbook, there are odds for many of Sunday's WWE "Hell in a Cell" matches.

That includes Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens where Owens is currently a 1 to 7 favorite to win the Hell in a Cell match while Shane is a 4 to 1 underdog.

It would seem based on these odds that this will be a match to help another star go over by getting a win over Shane-O-Mac. AJ Styles was the beneficiary of a victory at "WrestleMania" and it appears Kevin Owens will be next. Will a run towards the WWE Championship be in K.O.'s future next?