Tuesday night's episode of WWE "SmackDown Live" came from Las Vegas, Nevada. Three championships were on the line with one transferring to new owners as New Day became four-time "SmackDown" tag team champs. Natalya and AJ Styles each defended their respective titles. Meanwhile, the boss himself, Mr. McMahon was at the show to address the actions of his son Shane McMahon from a week ago with kevin owens. The main segment during the "SmackDown" results led to an interesting exchange, a match being booked, and Vince being left bloody and damaged.

What happened?

A week ago, Shane McMahon became enraged during his one-on-one talk with superstar Kevin Owens in the ring. The "SmackDown Live" Commissioner had come to the ring to tell Owens he wasn't going to allow him to appoint himself a special guest referee for the Carmella vs. Natalya match. Owens began to verbally berate Shane and brought up his children several times, causing Shane to lose it. From there, Shane attacked Owens, sending him outside the ring and over the announcers' table.

Eventually, referees and Daniel Bryan arrived out to get Shane away. During the show, Owens suggested he would press charges and sue all of the WWE for what happened. That led to an indefinite suspension for Shane as Daniel Bryan informed him that Vince McMahon had ordered it.

Fast forward a week later and Vince McMahon arrived at the "blue brand" to address the matter. He got into the ring with Kevin Owens and basically said Shane was suspended for "not finishing the job" on Owens. Vince was aggravated at how Owens had insulted the McMahon name last week. He ultimately said that Shane will face Kevin Owens inside "Hell in a Cell" at the upcoming "SmackDown" PPV.

That led to Owens asking if he had permission to beat a McMahon senseless if provoked, to which Vince gave him his word. The two shook hands with Vince still saying something to Owens in the ring. Fans were shocked as Owens headbutted Vince, causing him to fall to the mat. Almost immediately, blood was visible on Vince's forehead.

Owens continued to attack the chairman of WWE with a SuperKick and eventually a Frogsplash off the top rope.

Kudos to Vince

It's amazing to see the boss taking a bump in this manner. Vince McMahon is currently 72-years-old and seems to still love the company enough to involve himself in a storyline like this. The blood and shots he took gave a realism to the story that will help sell the feud between Shane and Owens that much more. In particular, seeing a 72-year-old Vince McMahon take that Frogsplash was one of those "Holy S--t" type moments fans rave about.

One has to think the "Hell in a Cell" match is going to give Shane some opportunities for "death-defying" leaps from staggering heights. If nothing else, fans know that while blood isn't a regular occurrence on WWE shows, it can still happen. At the PPV it's much more likely to be given the OK, which could really add to the entertainment factor of Shane vs. Owens inside the cell.