With the Halloween holiday approaching fast, Netflix is providing a frightful selection of 2017 Scary Movies. The streaming media service is now offering their viewers the options to see the recent horror flick "Cult Of Chucky" and a Netflix exclusive called "The Babysitter." Both offer different levels of gory or scary entertainment, so here's a quick look at these two flicks on Netflix and what to expect from them.

Dreamgirl's a nightmare?

That's the synopsis for the new Netflix exclusive movie "The Babysitter." It tells the story of Cole, a nerdy young boy struggling with the typical boyhood issues that most do.

He's the subject of bullying at school and around the neighborhood, but has smarts and at least one or two girls on his side.

One of those girls is his longtime babysitter Bee, played by newcomer actress Samara Weaving. She seems to have a genuine interest in Cole, making sure he has a fun time while his parents are away. Cole has a genuine love for his babysitter as well, but one night he witnesses some events that turn his entire world upside down.

The new film also stars Robbie Arnell of "The Flash" fame and former Disney star Bella Thorne in comical roles. Leslie Bibb and Ken Marino play the role of Cole's parents, while his neighborhood female friend is played by Emily Alyn Lind.

For those wondering about how "The Babysitter" movie is in terms of content, it doesn't exactly scare a ton, unless viewers are squeamish.

There are some relatively gory scenes depicted in the film, some of which become campy in nature. There are a few jump scares, but those who don't like blood may find themselves turning away. Overall, the movie plays much more like a comedy and suspense "coming of age" type movie rather than a classic horror film, but offers a good bit of fun for Halloween viewers.

Chucky makes his return?

Fans of the "Child's Play" movies may want to check out "Cult of Chucky," which is now on Netflix as well. It once again features that doll everyone loves to hate, Chucky, in his murderous adventures. This time around, the tale has a different sort of twist to it, but there's still plenty of scares and jokes to carry the film.

Over at Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has earned a cumulative rating on the Tomatometer of 86 percent, which is actually a notch above the popular new horror movie "IT." The frightful movie brings back Chucky actor Brad Dourif as well as several other familiar faces from the "Childs Play" series. It carries an R-rating with a runtime of 1 hour and 31 minutes.

With other movies like "Happy Death Day," "IT," "Amityville," and "Jigsaw" in movie theaters, it provides horror fans all they need for some brand new scares ahead of October 31st.

Horror movie fans, what films will you be watching to get into the Halloween spirit this holiday season?