For the upcoming weekend, moviegoers will have some interesting options to choose from at the box office. A variety of new films spanning genres will open including new flicks with Jackie Chan and Chadwick Boseman among those offered up. There's also an intriguing horror flick coming to the theaters just ahead of the Halloween holiday. Here's a look at some of the newest movies that are available for viewing this coming weekend.

'The Foreigner'

"The Foreigner" is a new action and drama film starring well-known martial arts star Jackie Chan. In the latest role, Chan plays a businessman named Quan who is going on a "revenge-fueled vendetta" against terrorists responsible for the death of his daughter.

Pierce Brosnan also stars in the film as a British government official whose own past may have ties to the identities of the people Chan is trying to find.

The new movie "The Foreigner" is rated R and has a running time of 1 hour and 54 minutes. As of this report, the Rotten Tomatoes review aggregator website has the film with a 59 percent saying it follows the typical formula for action flicks but features some noteworthy performances from its stars.


The new film "Marshall" checks in under the drama genre. This one follows the story of Thurgood Marshall undertaking an early case as a young lawyer. The trial involves a case from Connecticut where a black chauffeur was charged with sexual assault and attempted murder of his wealthy employer.

Chadwick Boseman takes on the role of the future Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall for the film while Kate Hudson and Josh Gad also star in major roles for the film. As of right now, the film has received an 86 percent at Rotten Tomatoes based on its great acting and entertaining "old fashioned" courtroom drama.

Scary fun, over & over?

With Halloween quickly approaching, fans of those frightful films that hit the box office may want to check out "Happy Death Day." This new flick could be described as a cross between "Groundhog Day" and "Scream." In the movie, a young female in college is reliving her birthday over and over as someone keeps killing her.

She is attempting to solve the mystery of her own murder and tries to outwith whoever the mysterious killer is.

As of this report, Rotten Tomatoes had "Happy Death Day" with a 66 percent out of 100 on their review aggregator known as the "Tomatometer." They note that the film puts a humorous sci-fi twist on the slasher film and has a "star-making" performance from newcomer Jessica Rothe.

"Happy Death Day" is also rated R for violence, terror, partial nudity, sexual content, language, and partial nudity.