Orlando Magic defeated the San Antonio Spurs with the score 103-98 on October 10, 2017, at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. The Orlando Magic played a really solid game despite them struggling with their three-pointers. They went 40-91 from the field, 6-23 from beyond the arc, and 17-19 from the charity stripe. The Magic still managed to win despite Nikola Vucevic, Marrese Speights, Terrence Ross, and Evan Fournier not playing the other night.

Aldridge does a bit of everything

Despite falling short to the Orlando Magic, LaMarcus Aldrige had a great all-around game last night for the San Antonio Spurs.

He contributed 16 points, four rebounds, one assist, and two steals. He shot 54.5 percent from the field, 33.3 percent from beyond the arc, and 100 percent from the Free Throw Line. The western conference is looking very tough this season with Paul George, Paul Millsap, Carmelo Anthony, and Brook Lopez now in the west. LaMarcus Aldridge will have to step up bigtime in order for the Spurs to continue their organizational success this upcoming season.

Dejounte Murray keeps on improving

Dejounte Murrah had an incredible game last night against the Orlando Magic. He contributed 15 points, six rebounds, five assists, and three blocks. He went 5-11 from the field, 0-1 from the three-point line, and 5-7 from the charity stripe.

Dejounte Murray showed great potential in his rookie season and now he is showing major improvements in his game. With Tony Parker likely to miss some games once the season begins, Murray will have the chance to see just how much he has improved going into the upcoming NBA season.

Jonathan Simmons welcomes his old team with a win

Jonathan Simmons played his former NBA team the other night, and he greeted them with a double-double. He contributed 20 points, one rebound, 10 assists, two steals, and one block. He shot 46.7 percent from the field, 40 percent from beyond the arc, and 80 percent from the free throw line.

Simmons was able to play a ton of minutes against the San Antonio Spurs the other night because Evan Fournier, DJ Augustin, and Terrence Ross did not play.

Aaron Gordon showing great improvements

Aaron Gordon is showing everyone that dunking is not his only asset in the NBA. Last night against the Spurs, he contributed 27 points, 11 rebounds, one assist, and one steal. He went 11-24 from the field, 2-7 from the three-point line, and 3-4 from the charity stripe. Gordon will have plenty of minutes this upcoming season to show how much improvement he has done to his game this offseason.