The Orlando Magic have welcomed Tracy Mcgrady back to their franchise as a member of their Front Office, and all is right with the world. McGrady has been an amazing part of this franchise for a long time, and he has given them some of the best performances that you could ever imagine. He was drafted by this team and did all that he could have done for them, and it seems right that he is back where he started. How can someone like McGrady make the Magic better if he is not coaching? You might not think of him as a great player, but he is a great role model for younger players in the league.

The Magic need consistency

The consistency of the Magic has been of great concern since they let Dwight Howard go. They probably were done with him, but they have not been able to get it together since he left. There are a lot of people who love the Magic in central Florida, but they do not have much to root for. Their announcing team is sold on this team, but they do not have much good basketball to talk about. Tracy McGrady shows the people of the city that the Magic are going in the right direction, and he will be treated like the dignitary that he is in that city.

He can talk players into coming

McGrady can talk a lot of good players into coming to Orlando because he knows that they will listen.

He can show the players who are thinking of signing that they are in a place where they will be looked after. A lot of these guys have watched McGrady play, and they will look up to him because they remember him as a player and not an executive. There is a little bit of credibility that the Magic have because he has joined their staff.

They can avoid mistakes

The Magic can avoid all the mistakes that were made in the development of McGrady as a young guy. There are a lot of guys who will play with the Magic and might not have the right tools in their toolbox to win. They need to be trained in a way that will not ruin them or mess with their confidence. McGrady can point out all the things that the franchise is doing right, what they are doing wrong, and how to help each player.

He will be a very good special assistant for the franchise, and they can start to lead the league in player development. It does not matter who is coaching the team because Tracy McGrady will have some sage advice for the people who are not quite fully developed yet.

The Magic have made the right choice in caring for their franchise and creating a consistency that they have needed.