has reported that the Miami Heat defeated the Washington Wizards with the score 117-115 last night at the American Airlines Center in Miami, Florida. The Miami Heat played a solid game despite Dion Waiters, Hassan Whiteside, and Goran Dragic not playing. Miami shot 49.4 percent from the field, 40 percent from beyond the arc, and 68.4 percent from the free throw line. The Heat will face the Sixers while Washington will face the Knicks on October 13 for their last preseason games.

Wall and Frazier dishes out a total of 17 assists

John Wall and Tim Frazier did a good job of distributing the ball last night against the Heat.

Tim Frazier contributed four points, three rebounds, and nine assists while shooting 28.6 percent from the field. John Wall contributed 16 points, four rebounds, and eight assists in 28 minutes. He went 7-of-12 from the field, 1-of-3 from the three-point line, and 1-of-2 from the free throw line. The Wizards are looking to pass the ball more and get everyone involved rather than playing isolation basketball this upcoming season.

Bradley Beal doing a little bit of everything

Bradley Beal played a solid all-around game last night against the Miami Heat. He contributed 15 points, four rebounds, four assists, and one steal in 28 minutes. He shot 6-of-14 from the field, 0-of-3 from beyond the arc, and 3-of-4 from the free throw line.

The eastern conference is looking very weak this upcoming season, and this will be a great chance for the Washington Wizards to make a deep playoff run. Bradley Beal and John Wall will look to play the best season of their careers.

Tyler Johnson continues to impress

Tyler Johnson had another decent game against the Washinton Wizards.

He contributed 14 points, three rebounds, three assists, two steals, and one block in just 18 minutes. He shot 66.7 percent from the field and 50 percent from the three-point line. Tyler Johnson is looking very active on both ends of the floor. He is being aggressive on the offensive end while also being very smart on the defensive end.

The Miami Heat will need him to continue being aggressive, as they look to make a return in the NBA playoffs ever since LeBron's departure three years ago.

Justice Winslow struggles with shot

Justice Winslow had a decent game for the Heat, but he shot the ball very poorly. He contributed seven points, seven rebounds, nine assists, and one steal in 32 minutes. He only shot 14.3 percent from the and 57.1 percent from the free throw line. Winslow has improved a lot since his rookie season, but he still needs to do a lot of work to become a better player in the NBA.