Miami Heat owner Pat Riley, recently talked about the situation with LeBron James leaving his team in 2014. It may be three years later, but Riley has decided to speak out about how he felt at the time of the decision. There seems to be a bitter taste that has been left in Riley's mouth since the departure of the best player in the world, and the thought still carry's in his mind to this day.

Pat Riley speaks up

Pat Riley talked to ESPN The Magazine about the time LeBron James left the Miami Heat in 2014 and the phone call he received to explain to him what had happened.

He was a true believer of his team, and has gone on record saying that the Miami Heat could've done bigger and better things if the King had stayed, and further established their dynasty. His belief is that the team could've gone down as one of the all time greatest teams of all time, something that would also better the legacy of the Heat's owner. When speaking of what was going through his mind when he found out the news three years ago, Pat Riley stated:

"I was silent, I didn't say anything. My mind began to just go. And it was over. I was very angry when LeBron left. It was personal for me. It just was. I had a very good friend who talked me off the ledge and kept me from going out there and saying something like Dan Gilbert.

I'm glad I didn't do it."

There is obviously a little shot at the Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert in this statement, as Gilbert wrote a critical letter about LeBron James after the decision LBJ made in 2010. But it's clear to see, both owners were devastated when The Chosen One left their teams, a player that has so much talent leaving their organisation left them heart broken.

The Heat haven't been the same since

Since LeBron James left the Miami Heat in the offseason after the 2013-14 season, the Heat haven't been the same at all. After four straight trips to the finals when King James was on the Heat roster, the Heat have now missed the postseason for three straight years. While the Heat had a solid season, only just missing out on the playoffs, there's still no denying how much of an impact LeBron had on the team.

Not only this but Dwyane Wade recently called it quits on the team also in the 2016 offseason, joining forces with Jimmy Butler in Chicago to play for his hometown team. And Chris Bosh has missed almost all of the last two seasons, and much of all three with a blood clot illness. Something which has been devastating, bringing his career to a halt, and also further hurting the Miami Heat. So as we see, when LeBron left everything collapsed. And for the team LeBron joined, they've been to the finals in two straight years and one the chip once. Proving LeBron James is the most valuable player in the league.