The Oklahoma City Thunder and the Houston Rockets faced off tonight in their opening preseason game. This has been one highly anticipated game with the debut of Chris Paul, Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony in their new teams. The Rockets defeated the Thunder tonight with the score 104-97. Eric Gordon led the Rockets in points while Carmelo and George carried OKC without Russell Westbrook in the lineup.

Carmelo looked good tonight

Carmelo Anthony played his first game with the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight as they faced the Houston Rockets. Carmelo looked pretty good in tonight's game with him contributing 19 points, four rebounds, and one assist.

He shot 53.8 percent from the field making seven of his 13 field goal attempts and making three of his five three-point shots in just 19 minutes on the floor. Carmelo is a really good scorer, and with Westbrook on the point for the OKC, Melo will have lots of space to operate this upcoming season.

Paul George scores 15 in tonight's loss

Along with Carmelo Anthony, Paul George also had a decent game tonight. George played 26 minutes in tonight's loss against the Houston Rockets. He contributed 15 points, five rebounds, two assists, one steal, and one block. He shot 46.2 percent from the field making six of his 13 field goal attempts and making one three-pointer. Paul George and Carmelo Anthony looked very good together on the floor tonight, but we still have yet to see the new big three of the Oklahoma City Thunder in a single game.

Harden and Paul play together for the first time in preseason game

Chris Paul and James Harden shared the floor in tonight's preseason game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. They helped the Houston Rockets get their first preseason win tonight. Harden contributed 16 points, five rebounds, 10 assists, three steals, and two blocks.

Harden shot the ball terribly tonight, and he only shot 31.3 percent from the field making only five of his 16 field goal attempts.

Chris Paul registered 11 points, two rebounds, seven assists and two steals. Paul hit two of his five field goal attempts and made five of his six free throw attempts.

Eric Gordon shot the lights out tonight

The three-point shooting champion showcased his range in tonights win against the Oklahoma City Thunder. He led the Rockets in scoring with 21 points making 7 of his 12 field goal attempts and making six of his eight three-pointers. With the addition of Chris Paul, Eric Gordon will get even more space to shoot the ball with Harden and Paul at the point.