Paul George is impressed by the Thunder's management that he's considering giving them a chance to retain him next season. According to the CBS Sports, George approves the Thunder culture and how general manager Sam Presti deals in recruiting players for the team. The news came while everyone is still under the impression that George is still considering joining the Los Angeles Lakers next season.

What impressed Paul George is what the team went through in order to acquire him. Adding to that is the realization that the franchise was able to acquire Carmelo Anthony without shaking its primary lineup.

He was traded to Oklahoma after the Indiana Pacers realized he would not renew his contract with the team next season. Apparently, the franchise went ahead and traded their star player in hopes of getting something in return before the free agency.

A dream to play for the Los Angeles Lakers

Paul George expressed his eagerness to play for the Los Angeles Lakers during free agency, but the Indiana Pacers had other plans for him. It also led to the Lakers being fined for tampering after the team was found guilty of communicating with George's agent while he's still under contract. Rumors suggested that the Pacers planned on filing a separate legal action against the Lakers but owner Herbert Simons dismissed the rumors.

Meanwhile, Carmelo Anthony joined the Thunders when he waived his no-trade clause with the New York Knicks. While he previously said that he will only waive if he's being traded to the Houston Rockets, news of his recent transfer came right before the official start of the NBA training camp.

Paul George praises Thunder in the locker room

ESPN had the chance to interview George, and he said: "It’s a real brotherhood in this locker room. Everybody cares for one another. Everybody is pulling for one another." Apparently, he liked the idea that his partnership with Russell and Anthony is not considered a trio and that everybody inside the locker freely communicates with each other.

Confirming that the team definitely has the trust factor and chemistry, Paul said it's up to them to deliver the performance and win games for the team. The former player of the Indiana Pacers was seen working out alongside Dwyane Wade during the summer. The Oklahoma City Thunder lost to the Houston Rockets in their first preseason appearance with the score of 97-104. The Thunders would face the New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday, October 7, at the Chesapeake Arena in Oklahoma.