Miami Heat were one of the best NBA teams in the second half of the last season, but it seems that they are off to another mediocre start. Just like last year, the Heat are 2-3 after first five games of the season, but they know they can do better, so hopefully they will get back to winning soon. Last season, Miami was 11-30 in the first half and they were one of the worst teams in the league. However, they are trying to avoid losing so many games this season.

The Heat lost their last game against the Boston Celtics at home. This was their fourth straight game at home, yet second straight loss.

Both of their opponents were tough as they got blown out by the San Antonio Spurs before Boston, but it is not an excuse. Miami players know they can win these games and that is why they held a team meeting to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Players held each other accountable

Last year, Miami Heat forward James Johnson said that one of the things he loves most about the team is the fact that players hold each other accountable. Johnson considers this a big part of the Heat culture and he believes that being open and honest is the right way to deal with issues.

Johnson, who was named a team captain this season, talked about the team meeting. "We aired it out this morning. A lot of people took heat.

I think it was the best thing for us to do... That’s what this culture is about, that’s what we’re about — staring guys in the eyes, telling guys the truth and that’s how you show you really love somebody," said the Heat forward.

Goran Dragic also commented on the meeting, saying that problems had to be addressed early. He also added that everyone is on the same page and everyone knows what needs to be done.

The cause of early struggles for Miami

According to Dragic, one of the reasons why the Miami Heat have lost so many games is poor communication on the floor. The point guard said that players don't talk much, but they need to be more comfortable with communicating during the games.

Another big reason for the struggles is Hassan Whiteside's absence.

Whiteside, who was the league's leading rebounder last season, suffered an injury in the season opener and hasn't played since. The big man is one of the best defenders as well, and without his presence in the paint, the Heat have struggled to limit their opponents' scoring opportunities.

Whiteside will most likely miss Miami's next game, but we will see if the Heat players at least improve their communication.