Lakers fans are fans that are used to superstars and championships. From Magic Johnson and the "Showtime Lakers" to Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal, Los Angeles has always been a basketball town. The era of Kobe, arguably the great Laker ever, has come to an end and it is time to enter a new chapter in Laker basketball.

That new chapter is being written with Lonzo Ball at the helm. At 19 years old, and the second pick in this past NBA Draft, he takes over the role as the starting point guard for the, storied, Los Angeles Lakers. All eyes are on Lonzo to carry this franchise back to the playoffs, and the NBA glory land.

He has only played two games, and already every one is ready to write his story for him, but the first two games of a rookie's career are no real indication of his potential greatness on the hardwood.

His first and second games were like night and day

The Lakers opened their season against Blake Griffin and their cross-town rivals, the Los Angeles Clippers. All eyes were on the kid in his NBA debut, where he was guarded by Patrick Beverley, who is first team All-Defense and he made sure the rookie, and everyone else, knew it. He held Ball to a dismal showing in his 29 minutes of play. He finished the game with three points, nine rebounds, and four assists. Beverley made sure to welcome Ball to the NBA with a veteran style and swag.

Though faced with tough, in-your-face defense, he never lost his composure or became frustrated. He didn't force plays that weren't there, and didn't make huge costly mistakes, but he made sure that his second game wouldn't go the same way.

Thursday night against the Phoenix Suns, it looked like a whole new Lonzo. He played 37 minutes and finished with 29 points, nine rebounds, and four assists.

He was one rebound away from being the youngest player in NBA history to record a double-double. That record is currently held by, none other than, LeBron James.

Let's remember that the first two games of a rookie's career are no indication of what type of player he will be come. Kobe's first two games are definite proof of that.

Kobe's first two games were definitely forgettable

Kobe Bryant was drafted out of Lower Marion High School by the Charlotte Hornest, and then traded to the Lakers, in 1996. He played his first game on November 3, of the same year. In his first two games as a professional, Kobe logged a total of just nine minutes and two points. That is definitely no indication of the greatness that Kobe would come to possess or the legacy he would leave behind 20 years later.

Kobe went on to set numerous NBA league, and Laker team, records. He is an 18 time NBA All-Star, five time NBA champion, 12 time NBA All Defense team, four time All-Star Game MVP, two time NBA regular season scoring champion, two time NBA Finals MVP, and one of the greatest to set foot on the hardwood.

This is just some of the records and accolades that Kobe Bryant amassed throughout his illustrious career.

Despite the pressure that is on Lonzo Ball, he is handling the situation with the composure, and mindset, of a champion. As he told the Washington Post, “I’m used to it. I know everybody’s going to say everything game by game. If I play bad on Sunday it’s going to be right back to he’s a bust.” So just like Lonzo, we will have to take it game by game.