LeBron James refused to entertain the idea that J.R. Smith's shooting struggles were brought by the team's new lineup. Prior to the start of the NBA season, J.R. Smith was vocal about being disappointed over losing his starting spot to Dwyane Wade. Working hard during the summer, he didn't expect to get off the bench. But as the season started, it became apparent that Smith is going to be on the second squad.

Surprisingly, Dwyane Wade asked Coach Tyronn Lue to come off the bench only three games into the season. He thought this would be more beneficial for the team.

Wade's decision has allowed J.R. Smith to reclaim his position in the first squad. But in what supposed to be Smith's debut game, his back issues made him struggle even after he decided to play against the Bulls after previously opting out.

JR Smith's recent shooting stats

J.R. Smith has been struggling with his shooting. According to Fear the Sword, Smith has been shooting 12 percent from the three-point line in all five games. LeBron James, however, is not convinced that his woes are more than his mental strength. Talking to cleveland.com, James said: "With J.R., everything is mental. It's all mental. The reason D-Wade struggled is he's on a completely new team, running all new stuff, he's trying to figure all that out.

He's used to seeing the ball."

There's no doubt J.R. Smith is one of the key players in the Cavs consistent three seasons appearance in the finals. James thinks that his teammate is too good a shooter to even have problems other than mental struggles. Meanwhile, Dwyane Wade has been more effective on the bench than when he was still on the frontline.

Cleveland revealed that Wade scored 11 points, assists, and rebounds in just 19 minutes.

Cavaliers' injury stricken team

Smith may have yet to pick up his pace, but James is confident he will return both strong and excellent. Meanwhile, the Cavs are playing players with minor injuries such as Derrick Rose with a sprained ankle, J.R.

Smith with his back issues, LeBron James with ankle issues, and Dwyane Wade with a bruised knee. Isaiah Thomas, who arrived in Cleveland with lingering hip problems is expected to play sometime in December but not later than January.

Just a few days ago, James revealed his mysterious elbow injury that appeared shortly after the 2016-2017 NBA finals. According to James, the swelling of his elbow affected his shooting position and has been effective ever since.