The Cleveland Cavaliers are dealing with a new starting lineup and J.R. Smith is absolutely "frustrated" at losing his starting spot to Dwyane Wade. According to ESPN, Smith worked all through summer honing his skills only to find out another player will be taking his place. Straight from coach Tyronn Lue, Dwyane Wade will take his position as shooting guard on the Cavs' first squad. Smith, however, said this won't be a problem for the team.

Talking to, Smith said that while he may be disappointed with the new lineup, he assures everyone that the team is solid about supporting each other.

"We talked about, it wasn't the most positive conversation... I was working hard all summer and then coming in and not even really having a chance to earn my spot, but it's all right. It is what it is," Smith said.

Analyzing J.R. Smith's frustration

The Jump crew, alongside veteran NBA superstar Scottie Pippen, analyzed the setup and Pippen thinks, J.R. Smith saw it coming. "I think he saw this coming. I mean, we've seen LeBron James and Dwyane Wade team up and a lot of things came out of that. We've also seen the struggles J.R. Smith has had alongside LeBron James and opportunity said he's blown playing with LeBron James."

Pippen understands the frustration but if you really want to win, it's only right to put the team first instead of personal glory.

He also adds that Dwyane Wade has clearly been the better player in terms of getting more creative on the floor. Wade's ability to make everyone on the floor involves is a proven act.

Jae Crowder over Tristan Thompson as a starter

Meanwhile, Tristan Thompson's starting spot is also taken by former Celtics' Jae Crowder. In an interview with Thompson, he said: "I’m a team-first guy.

I understand that at the end of the day it’s about’s not about who starts the game, it’s about who is in the game in the fourth and who is finishing it. So, I’m not worried."

Derrick Rose is currently taking the place of Isaiah Thomas while he recovers from a hip injury. As for the Cavaliers lineup this season, the first squad includes LeBron James, Kevin Love, Jae Crowder, Derrick Rose, and Dwyane Wade.

The team hopes to build an incredible season but James is aware that such thing cannot be achieved in a week. The franchise is thankful for J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson giving way to a new lineup.

Coach Lue has since acknowledged the sacrifices the two players made. "It’s tough, you’ve been in the position where you went to three straight Finals, and you’ve been the starting 2-guard."