LeBron James' game has changed, subtly because of a lingering elbow injury that seems to have appeared from nowhere. According to James, the swelling started to develop shortly after the 2016-2017 NBA finals. James is not aware of any injury pertaining his elbow, but the growth is alarming enough for him to seek medical help. According to ESPN, his MRI returned negative, and no fracture was found in the elbow region.

Meanwhile, James also cleared rumors that his elbow problems had something to do with his performance during the Cavs vs. Warriors in last season's finals.

At a time when he considered having the fluid drained, James said it went away on its own and had canceled any medical treatment for his elbow. However, the unusual medical condition of his elbow resulted to a different shooting stance from James.

LeBron James on his new shooting style

"I shoot it higher," James said. "When the swelling went down, I just continued to do the same motion, the same motion. My free throws, my 3s, pull-ups, all that." According to the report, James never went back to his original shooting and hopes he will be able to maintain it. LeBron James also revealed the one thing he wants to achieve before his prime in the league wanes down; to be able to shoot 80 percent from the Free Throw Line.

His teammate Kyle Korver, on the other hand, thinks James is setting the bar too low. He challenged James to hit the 90 percent, something that the latter doubts with his free throw percentage at 74 percent. But he took Korver's challenge to an 85 percent shooting from the free throw line.

Nike LeBron 15 limited edition

Meanwhile, the Sole Collector wants you to watch out for LeBron James' new sneakers.

The Nike LeBron 15 has appeared in five colorways each one during the Cavs' recent five games. Now, this may be something that even the most avid LeBron sneaker collector have not seen through the course of its ads.

LeBron's sneakers are only available during its release calendar, but that one may change soon. Sole Collector explains: "In the coming months, Nike will launch LeBron Watch, a program that will make select Nike LeBron 15 PEs available to consumers through SNKRS the moment James steps on the court." Additionally, the end of the season may feature one of his retro shoes through a voting platform coming from the fans.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are currently 3-2 in the NBA standings, facing the new orleans Pelicans on Saturday, October 28, 2017at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans.