The Kyrie Irving drama in Cleveland is over, but it seems we might have another one in Boston. It appears that Irving just can't run away from LeBron James, even though they are no longer teammates. As it is already well known, Kyrie Irving requested to be traded from the Cavaliers this past summer, after spending six years in Cleveland. It was reported that Irving was tired of playing in LeBron James' shadow and that he wanted to be "the man" on a new team. The Cavs granted his wish by trading him to the Boston Celtics just before the season started, as Irving started a new chapter in his career.

Tension between the two stars?

But before Kyrie got traded to the Celtics, there were many reports about possible reasons behind the trade request. Some reports suggested that there were animosity and tension between Irving and LeBron James, but no official statement about it was made by either of the two players. We will never know if there was some friction between Irving and James, but it seems that this is still a hot topic for the NBA fans. The season is now well underway, as both the Cavaliers and the Celtics have already played a couple of games.

On Friday night, two nights ago, the Celtics faced the Philadelphia 76ers as they were looking to get their first win of the season. Boston ended up with a 102-92 victory but after the game ended, something interesting happened.Kyrie Irving was walking through the tunnel as he was heading to his locker room, and a fan started yelling at him as Kyrie was walking by.

The fan yelled, "Kyrie, where's LeBron?!" and the 25-year-old point guard didn't like it. He yelled back at the fan by saying: "S*ck my d**k!" and it seemed Irving was really bothered at the moment. Warning, there's NSFW language in the following video.

It was a pretty awkward situation, as Irving is widely recognized as a nice and likable guy, but it appears he really doesn't want to be asked about LeBron James ever again.

Kyrie doesn't regret yelling at fan

After this incident in Philadelphia happened, Irving talked to reporters in Boston after the Celtics finished their practice. He was asked whether or not he regrets yelling profanity at a fan who asked him about LeBron, and Kyrie answered: "Hell no!"

He also went on to say that he takes full responsibility for his words and actions, and he excused the 'kids at home'.

The NBA announced yesterday they fined Kyrie Irving $25,000 for cursing at a fan in Philadelphia. Irving surely hopes not to have a similar altercation with a fan again, but he should expect the same type of provocations everywhere he goes now.